by Dominique Crapon de Caprona


The Sloughi is the Sighthound of the Berber people, it originates in North Africa ( Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lybia)
The Saluki is the Sighthound of the Beduin people, it originates in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Irak, Israel)
The Azawakh is the Sighthound of the Tuareg people, it originates in Central Africa (Chad, Burkina Faso, Azawakh Valley, Mali)


The Saluki
Squarish to slightly rectangular. Withers apparent. Croup often more rounded. Brisket usually reaching the elbow. Underline rising evenly from the elbow. More angulation. Larger ears, tips reaching under the jaw.  Expression thoughtful and alert. 

The Sloughi
Squarish, slightly higher than long. Withers hardly visible. Topline almost straight from the base of the neck with slight curve over the loin.  Croup bony. Brisket deep but does not reach the elbow. Underline first straight (long sternum) then rising sharply. Angulations front and rear moderate. Tail long, ending with a typical upward curve. Ears smaller than Saluki or Azawakh. Expression gentle and melancholy, almost sad. Sloughis, particularly males, have larger and stronger heads, are usually bigger and look more powerful than Salukis and Azawakhs. They are more leggy and have more tuck than Salukis. 

The Azawakh
Standing rectangle. Withers apparent.  Hips slightly higher than, or level with, the withers. Croup bony. Brisket deep but not reaching the elbow. Underline first falling then rising sharply (keel). Ears larger than Sloughi, smaller than Saluki.  Angulations more moderate than Sloughi. Expression of the breed's almond eyes is intense and somewhat feral. 


The Sloughi has a smooth, floating and effortless gait, tail held low, head at a moderate angle to the body.  As a result of the squarish built and moderate angulations, there is no exaggeration in extension. The front paw does not reach beyond the tip of the nose. The  racing style resembles that of the Greyhound, but because of its straighter topline the Sloughi cannot flex its back as much as the Greyhound. 

The Saluki has a light and effortless gait, in which the degree of reach and drive varies between the extreme extension, front paws reaching beyond the tip of the nose of some modern show dogs, and the more moderate gait of the so-called "old fashioned" and "desert-breds" which resemble more that of the Sloughi. Like in the Sloughi, the tail is held low and the head is at a normal angle to the body. 

The Azawakh has a flashy and springy gait, head and tail held high. As a result of the standing rectangle structure and very moderate angulation,  there is no exaggeration in extension and the racing style is an upright gallop. 
For comparison the gait of the smooth and coated Afghan hound are shown. 

Coat colors and texture
The Sloughi is always smooth. Its color is unbroken by extensive white markings. The only white marks tolerated are a few white hairs at the tip of the toes and a white patch on the chest. 

The Saluki can be smooth or feathered. All coat colors, except brindle, including extensive white markings are acceptable.

The Azawakh is always smooth; colors are sand to red, brindle, black mask, overlay, irish white markings (white socks, throat patch, blaze, tip of tail). 

© Copyright 1997 D. C. de Caprona 


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