Judge Mrs Jocelyne Gagne

Photos taken September 30 2007,  c Mathews

Oscar, Dog, United Kingdom
Owner: Caroline Mathews, United Kingdom

"I adopted Oscar from a shelter in February 1998.  He was approximately 2 years old.  Where he came from was a bit of a mystery, however his condition told a thousand words.  He was severely underweight, his coat was very poor and patchy, he had 2 broken ribs, a badly injured tail and his chest was covered in cigarette scar burns.  Despite the cruelty suffered at the hands of humans, Oscar has been nothing but a joy to live with and he is completely adored.  A more loyal, gentle hound you could not meet - with the biggest sense of humour I have ever known in a dog.   Oscar has been with me 9 years next February - in the photos here he is approximately 10 1/2 years old."

How wonderful for Oscar, and his owner, that they were able to find each other.  A truly touching story.  Oscar certainly looks like a vigorous and happy veteran.  His expression is certainly reflective of the personality his owner describes. He is obviously cherished and well cared for.  His movement is lovely with great foot timing; impressive reach and drive. Congratulations!