3-6 Months

Judge Gisela Cook-Schmidt

1st  / Best of Opposite Sex Puppy SHI'RAYÂN'S NAYYIR AT MAZOE - This appears to be a very handsome young puppy, well filled-in and with good overall substance; a lovely topline and underline for his age; appearing very solid both in the front and rear; nice neck and shoulders.  A pleasing head with good expression and earset; nice tail.  He appears to move well for a youngster.  I would think he will mature into a very nice specimen for the breed.

2nd  NAJEEB STORM SHI'RAYÂN - This young puppy has also some very nice qualities, but in this photo from the side he appears possibly a bit too long and over-angulated in the rear and I cannot see how he might balance himself in moving with no photo.  He seems to have a very nice front and good neck.  The head appears possibly slightly ‘cheeky’ for my taste, with a very high earset.  At this age and from these photos I must place him second to his brother.

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