Judge Mrs Linda Scanlon

Photos taken beginning of October 2004  Siebel 2004
Ferda Kamar al Akbar, born April 4 2003, the Netherlands
(Hissar Min Ahrar al Maghrib x Ziya Schuru-esch-Schams)
Owners: Frie and Els den Boer - Siebel, the Netherlands. Breeder: R. Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

1rst Ferda KIamar al Akbar As with the 12-18 mos. dog, this bitch is too old for this class.
She has lovely, expressive dark eyes with ear set above though not high above the eye line with the required rather broad backskull with distinct roundness at the back.  Her muzzle is of good lengh but tapers a bit too much and lacks the straight bridge.  Her stop is rather pronounced.
She has a good length of neck with a slight arch which sets off from an acceptable shoulder layback of good length, however there is some dewlap.  Her front is set too far forward on her body but the upper arm looks strong.
Her chest is deep enough but looks a bit wide in front.  The underline is pleasing with an even curve leading into well tucked up flanks and with a long sternum. The back is horizontal and flows into a harmonious rise over the loin & and a pleasing fall away of the croup which shows nice width leading into lovely, long, well muscled upper and lower thighs.  There is a nice, long tail held correctly.
In overall proportions, the photos make this bitch appear longer than tall, thus missing the essential proportions of the breed.
Her movement appears supple and smooth but the correctly proportioned rear seems stronger than her front & she is compensating by what appears to be crabbing (rear foot is landing to the side of front foot).