Judge Mrs Linda Scanlon

photos October 2004 © Duncan 2004
 Bashira Sheik el Arab, Bitch, born May 11 2001 Germany
Coursing and Triathlon winner in the Netherlands, Holland Coursing Cup 2004
(Tunisian import Tarfa x Multi Ch. Aljana Sheik el Arab)
Owner: Hélène Duncan, the Netherlands. Breeder: Patricia Lauer, Germany

When Bashira was just a few days old, she had a small accident with her left ear.
As a result, the lower part of her ear had to be amputated, which is the reason she carries it more like a rose-ear
and of course, the obvious difference between the two ears.

1rst and Best Altered Bashira Sheik el Arab.  She has a long, lean head topped by well set and carried ears. The large eyes could be a bit darker but do not detract from her intent but nostalgic expression. The bridge of the muzzle is somewhat less than straight and she has too much lip corner (lippy) and dewlap.  However, her neck is of good length and nicely arched, rising from a long, oblique shoulder.  Her front could be set back on her body a bit as the lowest part of the brisket is well behind the elbow, showing as cut up in the front view.  However, it has good width, being neither too much nor too little and shows a strong upper arm.  She has straight, fine legs under her and nicely tucked up flank however, the underline could carry a bit farther back before rising to the flank as the curve is just a bit abrupt rather than smooth.  She has a nearly horizontal short back leading to a very slight rise over the loin.  The fall away of the croup is gradual and leads into a strong, broad croup and well muscled upper and lower thigh.
The movement on this bitch is ideal.  It appears smooth and supple, covering plenty of ground, using everything she has and showing a better topline than when standing.  The timing is excellent, the balance is wonderful.
It is a shame she is altered as she appears to have many good qualities to offer the breed.