Judge Mrs Linda Scanlon

Note: in the UK, the Sloughis cannot yet compete for CC and UK Championship titles

© Jack McGuffin 2003 (stack and rear) November 2004 (front and head)

Shi'Rayan Mukahhal Jaaram, Bitch, born October 10, 2001, USA
(Tunisian import Tarfa, GRC x FCI International Ch., World Winner BOB 97 A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan, FCC, ORC, SGRC, TT)
Owner:  Jack McGuffin, USA. Breeder: Dominique Crapon de Caprona USA

Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex Shi'Rayan Mukahhal Jaaram. Here is another one showing disdain for the stacking & photo process with rosed ears when being held on lead.  However, in the photos where she has self stacked they are very properly high set.  Her muzzle appears slightly shorter than it might be for proper balance to the backskull and the bridge line is not straight.  Stop could be less pronounced. The eyes could be slightly darker for her coat color but the expression is correct.
She has a lovely length of nicely arched neck rising off of a well set back front with long, oblique shoulder and appropriate amount of front width with a strong upper arm.  Her back is horizontal leading to the rise over the loin with the correspondingly smooth & gentle rise of the underline into a well tucked up flank.  Chest depth is good.  She has very nice height to length proportions.  The pasterns appear straight while standing but would not bother me as long as they are flexible when she moves.  Alas, this cannot be determined since there is no movement photo.  Her rear has ideal angulation to this judge and is well muscled in both upper and lower thighs with well let down hocks.
This bitch has lovely muscling all through with well balanced angles fore & aft.  She appears “elegant and racy” but with the required strength to succeed in the chase.
I question the white on her as according to the standard, this could be an eliminating fault.  I find that difficult to do considering the well  proportioned and strong yet elegant looking animal in the photos.  The white would not impede her hunting ability – it is cosmetic only.

©Schlenkrich 2004
Bishara Mahanajim, Bitch, born June 15 2002  Germany
FCI Coursing European Winner 2004
(Ch.Dukal umm Bersheba's el Abid, import Libya X Asira Mahanajim)
Breeder and Owner: Dr. Sabine Schlenkrich, Germany

All photos© Nicholas Carter 2004
Rais Siyada Samra Soumrade at Doocloone, Bitch, born January 17 2001, France
(French Ch. Rais Siyada Gerza x Rais Siyada Nour al Nadjir
Owners: Susan Bamford (Doocloone), Amanda Carter (Afilador), UK. Breeders: Mr & Mrs Angignard, France