Judge Mrs Linda Scanlon

photos taken at 15 weeks (October 9-10) © Porteus-Thompson 2004
Tajara Haboob over Lizanthe, born  June 21.2004 United Kingdom
(Intissars Hadshi of Akhanubis  x Akhanubis Hamra of Tajara)
Owner: Mrs E.A. Porteous-Thompson, UK. Breeder: Mr & Mrs C Munro, UK

1rst and Best Puppy Tajara Haboob over Lizanthe. He is overall a well proportioned puppy for his age showing a nice high ear set with proper shape, large dark eyes, correct length of muzzle compared to back skull.  In profile, he shows nice balance with the “harmonious curve” of the topline & short back area.  Though he is being encouraged to hold his neck too upright, you can still see the slight crest to the nape and the length corresponds with the length of the head.  This pup is showing good signs of a well tucked up flank to come, smooth underline with depth of chest about where you want to see it for his age.  He shows good length of foreleg & shoulder & the required long 2nd thigh in the rear, properly shaped feet.  I would not be concerned at this age with the slight toeing out of the forefeet. It takes time for the ligaments to strengthen & this is much preferable to the pup who is dead solid & straight in this area at this age.  I would like to see a more width to his croup.
His movement photo is precisely what I wish to see in all exhibits – loose lead, absolutely correct timing of front to rear (the trot being a 2-beat gait, opposing diagonal feet should strike the ground at the same time), head carried slightly, holding his topline.  He is moving easily & not being asked to over achieve.
I find him a very promising puppy.