Just in time for the holidays

left design 1, right design 2

These lovely cards are made by SFAA member and artist Edda Kapl-Blume, who very generously is donating all profits to SFAA rescue
Edda Blume is a painter and photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA.
If you would like to see more of her artwork please go to  her website

Edda tells us that as a cat lover she was searching for the right dog for years until she found the Sloughi.
While still living in Iowa, she and her family visited Bernd and Dominique, and everyone was charmed by all the beautiful Sloughis.
They now live happily, for the past seven years, with Ghalia Shi’Rayan, and have their daily walks through Pittsburg
where everyone stops them to comment on how beautiful Ghalia is.
Edda is an active artist whose varied artwork and photographs were exhibited at the following galleries
1999: Member Show, Arts Iowa City Gallery, Iowa City, Iowa; 2000: 18th Annual Juried Exhibition, Pleiades Gallery, New York City.
                (Juror: Philip Brookmen, Curator – Corcoran Gallery of Art,Washington, D.C.); 2001: Summer Showcase, Limner Gallery, New York City.
  2002: Spring Salon 2002 at Limner Gallery, New York City. Edda is represented by Gallery Chiz in Pittsburgh.

The cards are printed on a thick "water color" beige paper,  and are folded with no text.
Each comes with its own enveloppe

This is a limited edition of 20 cards per design!
For this reason the sale will be carried out as follows
12 individual cards , 6 of each, will be sold at $7.- a piece
ALL CARDS now SOLD OUT (as of December 12)
Thank you buyers for supporting SFAA's rescue effort

28 cards will be sold in 7 batches of 4 cards at $5.- a piece ($20.00 per batch)
- batches 1, 2, 3 consist of  2 cards of each design
- batches 4  & 5 consist of 4  cards of design 1
- batches  6 & 7 consist of 4 cards of design 2

Shipping $00.50 for one card, $1.00 for 4 cards

Sale starts Monday October 30 2003 at 6 a.m. central time
"First come first serve"
You can E-mail your order to the webmaster
or call 712 545 9098 (central time, voice mail if nobody there just then)

Please write a personal check addressed to SFAA RESCUE, and send it to PO Box 345, Crescent, Iowa 51526-0345
or pay per Paypal

Thank you for your support

Any questions? please contact the webmaster

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