Breed Standard 
FCI # 188d 
Country of origin: Morocco

General Characteristics and Temperament: The Sloughi is a Sighthound included in the 10th group. Originally from the orient, adapted for many centuries to North Africa and now in a greater number in Morocco. 

The general appearance is that of a racy dog, by his look, by the delicacy of tissue and his muscular leanness. Although noble and haughty, he is very attached to his master and defends him when necessary.  With an instinct of hunter, capable of sustained effort, he also appreciates the home sweet comfort. 

Size: For males: height at the withers 25 to 29 inches (66-72 cm).  Ideal size: 28 inches (70 cm). 
For females: height at the withers 24 to 27 inches (61 to 68 cm). Ideal size: 26 inches (65 cm). 
Format: For a male with an ideal size of 28 inches (70 cm), the length of the body should be 26 or 27 inches (67 or 68 cm). For a female with an ideal size of 26 inches (65 cm), the length of the body should be 24 or 25 inches (62 to 63 cm). 

Type: unique, short hair 

Utilization: Hunting by sight.

Head: Description: In profile, the head is long, refined, delicate, but rather strong (compared to other sighthounds). Seen from above, it has the shape of very long wedge, the skull being the widest part, tapering to the tip of the nose.  Skull: Seen from aside, the top part is flat, rather broad; from one ear to the other 4 inches to 5 inches (12 to 13 cm), 6 inches (14 cm) in big dogs, but this is rare. The skull is distinctly rounded at the back and curving harmoniously on the sides. The superciliary ridges (brows) are scarcely projecting, the frontal groove hardly marked. The top and the protuberance of the occiput are visible.  Stop: Barely pronounced.  Muzzle: The muzzle has the shape of a refined (without exaggeration) and elongated wedge and is roughly as long as the skull. The bridge of the nose is straight form its root. The nose leather not being held by the skeletal structure, starts a very slight line going down.  Nose: Black. Strong enough to avoid being pinched.  Lips: Thin and supple, just covering the lower jaw; the corner must be the least visible possible.  Teeth: Normal; jaws strong and regular. Scissor bite. 

Eyes: Large, dark, well-set in their sockets, sometimes not totally open because of a slight obliquity of the eyelids. The expression is gentle but slightly sad, like nostalgic.  With a light coat, the eye is generally amber-colored. 

Ears: Set high, drooping, close to the head, not too large, triangular and slightly rounded at the tips. 

Neck: Long, springing well up from the shoulders and with the top line slightly arched. The skin is fine, tight, without any dewlap; the hair is very smooth. 

Body:  Back: Short, almost horizontal. Loin: Short, dry, wide and slightly arched.  Croup: Bony and oblique.  Chest: Not too wide; in depth it hardly reaches the level of the elbow; well ribbed up. The ribs are flat, close fitting to a long sternum. The belly and the flancks are well tucked up.  Tail: Thin, without fleshiness, set in line with the croup and carried under the horizontal line of the back. It should be, at least, long enough to reach the point of hocks. 

Forequarters (Forelegs): Shoulders long and oblique; strong arms. Lower arms bony and muscular. Carpus and metacarpus are supple and strong. Feet lean, in the shape of an elongated oval. In many lightly built Sloughis the foot assumes the shape of a harefoot. The nails are black or just pigmented. 

Hindquarters (Hind legs): Thigh: flat and muscular. Second thigh: long and well muscled. Hock: strong well bent. Pastern: strong, without dewclaw. 

Gait: Walk, trot, gallop, especially gallop. 

Skin: very fine, close fitting to the body, without folds, without dewlap. 

Coat (hair): very short, tight, fine. 
Color: with or without a black mask, with or without a black mantel: sand, light sand, fawn (red sand), sand with black overlay, brindle. 

Faults: Light colored eyes; head and body a little bit heavy; stop too pronounced; bad proportions; bad topline; rounded ribs; belly not enough tucked up; croup too oblique, insufficient or narrowed; tail not long enough, too furnished (with hair), badly carried; coat hard and coarse; small white mark on the chest. 

Disqualifications: Unpigmented areas (flesh colored); ears erect, or with tips drooping forward; ears too long, folding backward, coat half-long, fringes on legs or tail; white stockings; white markings; prognathism (overshot or undershot mouth); color not in accordance with the standard. 
N.B.: Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

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