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What has the breeder done?  What have the sire and dam done?  Have they done it consistently?

   The first step in selecting a Sloughi puppy is to find a reputable breeder in whom you have trust and confidence.  (To find a reputable breeder, please read SFAA's Tips on Finding a Responsible Breeder.)  If you are fortunate enough to live near the breeder you have located, you should by all means visit him/her, meet the parents of the litter, and the puppies. 

    One important aspect of getting matched with the right puppy for you is to be frank with the breeder about what you are looking for.  For example, do you want a puppy with show potential or are you simply in want of a beautiful companion?  If you do not plan to show your dog, it is best to be very frank about this.  Reputable breeders are very interested in finding good homes for all their puppies, and the difference between a show prospect and a pet quality dog may be something very minor, perhaps even indiscernible on first glance.  For example, if a dog is slightly long in the body, it may be unsuitable for showing, but most people would never even notice. 

    If you do decide to purchase a pet quality puppy, the breeder will probably require you to spay or neuter your pet.  Contrary to popular myths, surgical alteration of a dog will not cause the animal to become fat, stupid, or lazy!  In fact, there are many health benefits associated with spaying and neutering. 

    On the other hand, if you decide that a show dog is in your future, the breeder may require you to show the dog to its championship.  Keep in mind that a show dog is going to be considerably more expensive than a pet, and the breeder can only guarantee show potential.  Like people, dogs can change as they mature, although experienced breeders who have taken the time to show, train, and title their dogs in advance, are fairly good at recognizing which puppies will be future ring stars, and which ones are simply going to be stars at home. 

    Other decisions to be made will be whether to get a male or a female, and any preference for color that you may have.  Your lifestyle will also lend important clues to the breeder to help guide you to the right puppy.  For example, do you have children?  Are you perhaps a marathon runner?  These kinds of questions will help determine which individual puppy's temperament is most suited to your situation. 

    Take your time, listen to the advice from your breeder, and most of all, have fun.  After selecting the right breeder, and the right puppy, you will be in store for many years of marvelous companionship with a beautiful and intelligent animal. 

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