The purpose of S.F.A.A. Rescue is to assist any Sloughi in need of establishing or re-establishing itself in a stable, nurturing environment. 


 S.F.A.A. shall assist any dog or bitch brought to its attention which is in need of  a suitable, permanent home environment, provided that the animal in question meets the following criteria: 

 1. The dog/bitch is determined to be a Sloughi or of Sloughi descent.  Such determination shall be made by a consensus of the members of the Rescue Committee in a manner determined by that committee and prescribed in its guidelines. Referral of animals not deemed to exhibit characteristics of the breed shall be directed to other appropriate organizations. 

 2.  The dog/bitch is in an environment which is unsuitable and incapable of providing continued satisfactory care. 

 3.  The dog/bitch is not in the possession of its breeder or, if in the possession of its breeder, such breeder shall be the person referring the dog/bitch to the Club and/or Rescue Committee. 


 A dog or bitch as defined above may be referred to S.F.A.A. for assistance by any party having knowledge of such a dog.  All referrals shall be immediately brought to the attention of the chairperson of the Rescue Committee for further action.  In situations in which such a dog requires immediate transport to a safe and secure environment, the chairperson shall make every attempt to accommodate such immediacy and need. 

 Any referral of a dog/bitch by its breeder shall also be eligible for assistance; however, in such cases, the breeder shall be notified in writing by a Club officer that any and all future privileges administered by the Club shall be terminated, with the exception of further assistance being required in the placement of his or her dogs. 


 The S.F.A.A. Rescue Committee chairperson shall orchestrate through the Committee the expedient handling of all rescue referrals as prescribed by the Committee’s guidelines.  Of fundamental importance in dealing with all referrals shall be 
the following: 

 1.   The animal being referred shall remain in a continuing safe and secure environment in which all of its basic needs are fulfilled.

 2.   The animal shall be provided with any suitable medical attention which may be required for its continued well-being. 

 3.   The animal shall be determined to be free of communicable disease, to the extent that such determination is possible, and shall be vaccinated against the acquisition of such disease prior to placement.  Record of such immunization shall be maintained by the Club and be provided in any placement. 

 4.  The animal, when in suitable health, shall be spayed or neutered prior to placement in a permanent home, and evidence of such procedures shall be maintained by the Club and  also accompany the animal in any placement. 

 5.  The animal shall be provided with continuing suitable ‘foster care’ until such time as an appropriate permanent home is located. 

 6.  All petitioners for adoption of any animal shall complete an adoption application as designated by the Rescue Committee and such applications shall be reviewed and approved or rejected by that Committee based on its determination as to the suitability of a prospective home. 

 7.  The Rescue Committee or its designee shall collect an appropriate standard fee from the adopting party and such fees shall be deposited in their entirety into the Club’s rescue fund. 

Adoption Criteria:

 The Rescue Committee shall subscribe to a set of standards which insure to the best of its ability that an animal will be placed only in an environment which is believed to benefit the continued well-being of the animal.  Such criteria shall be set forth in the Committee’s policies and reflected in its Adoption Application.  The Committee shall be responsible for periodically maintaining contact with adoptive homes to insure the quality and success of such adoptions. 

Recording Procedures:

 Each dog and bitch referred to S.F.A.A. for rescue services shall have a permanent record established by the Club.  Such records will be maintained by the Club’s Secretary and it shall be the responsibility of the Rescue Committee chairperson to 
supply the Secretary with any and all pertinent documentation relating to each individual animal.  The Secretary shall assign a Case Number to each individual animal when it has begun processing via the Rescue Committee.  Such numbers shall be entered into the Club’s permanent database along with the animal’s relevant statistics. 

    Animals which have not been processed through the Club’s Rescue Committee shall not be assigned a Case Number or have a permanent record established.  In the case of individual Club members or other individuals who have taken it upon themselves to adopt an animal outside the scope of the Committee, no such number or file of record shall be maintained by the Club.  In any instance, all such Case Numbers and records shall be assigned and maintained in a manner which provides complete differentiation from numbers and records assigned and maintained for dogs registered in the Club’s Stud Book.  No dog which has been processed by the Committee or adopted exclusive of its actions shall be eligible for registration in the Club’s Stud Book except in cases in which such a dog is accompanied by verifiable registration documentation from a recognized registering body.  In such cases, it shall be the responsibility of the dog’s owner to apply for such registration which shall proceed through standard registration channels.  In the case of dogs acquired via a country of origin and without such documentation, the Club shall apply registration procedures designed specifically for Country of Origin registration. 

    Dogs which have been processed by the Rescue Committee shall not be entitled to participate in any event sanctioned by the Club which requires that a dog be a registered member of the breed, except in such cases where a dog having been so 
processed meets the requirements for registration in the Stud Book. 

Policies and Amendments 

 The Rescue Committee shall propose and adopt policies, regulations and amendments thereof which are required to carry out its functions in an efficient and satisfactory manner.  Such guidelines shall be approved by the Club’s Board of Directors. 


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