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© de Caprona
International Ch. Omayma Shi'Rayan, GRC
4 x times Excellent 
4 times Best Bred By Exhibitor in Group
4 x Best in Group
1 Reserve Best in Show
2 Reserve Best Bred by Exhibitor in Show
IABCA Shows, Purina, Gray Summit, June 21-22
Breeder: Dr. D. Crapon de Caprona
Owner: Dr. B.Fritzsch


© de Caprona
Ch. Hannan Shi'Rayan, GRC
# 1 Sloughi in ASFA lure-coursing 2007
at the age of 9 years 
Breeder & owner: Dr. Dominique de Caprona , USA

Chana Mahanajim
German Short distance racing Champion 2008 
Vice-Word Winner in Racing 2008 
Vice-Club Winner in Racing 2008, German Beauty Champion
Winner of the National Specialty Coursing in France (SLAG) 2008
Winner for Performance/Beauty, National Specialty (SLAG) France 2008
Chase Mahanajim
Hessen's Winner in Racing 2008, German Coursing Champion 2008
Cenna Mahanajim
Vice Club Winner in Racing 2008
Bishara Mahanajim 
Versatile Champion Hessen 2008
Bahi Mahanajim
Versatile Champion Hessen 2008

Breeder: Dr. Sabine Schlenkrich, Germany



© Enge, with permission from P.Lauer
FCI World Winner 2008 in Oval Racing
Oude Pekela, Netherlands, June 07/08 
Breaks Sloughi track record in the prelims
Club Winner in Racing 
Club Winner for Beauty and Performance
Köln, Germany,July 12-13
Breaks Sloughi track record in the prelims

Fateh Ibn Abu Sheik el Arab
Breeder & Owner: Patricia Lauer Germany

© KC Thompson-Golcher

Ch.O'Dah Shi'Rayan, SGRC III
(Shi'Rayan Sloughis Amateur Racing Association, March 15 2008)
# 1 Sloughi, # 2 all breeds, in Sprint Racing (LGRA) 2007

LGRA Nationals Winner 2008 (straight track racing)
Boswell Oklahoma November 1 2008
Owner: Dr. Bernd Fritzsch, USA
Breeder: Dr.Dominique de Caprona USA

 NUBIA MEMORIAL CUP WINNER 2008 for the second time

© de Caprona 2007

Qhalila Shi'Rayan, GRC
 38th Gazehound Racing Champion 
(SSARA March  8 2008)

Owner/Breeder: Dr.Dominique de Caprona USA


© de Caprona 2007

Elegantin Laavatomu, GRC
 37th Gazehound Racing Champion at the age of 16 months
Winning a very competitive entry of 8 Sloughis
SSARA February 24 2008

Owner: Dr.Dominique de Caprona USA
Breeder: Tarja Matikainen, Finland.

© de Caprona 2007

Omneya Shi'Rayan, SGRC
NOTRA Nationals Winner 2008 (oval track racing)
Amir Trophy
Boswell, Oklahoma, November 1 2008

# 1 Sloughi in NOTRA Oval Racing 2008 

Breeder & Owner: Dr. Dominique de Caprona USA

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