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Litters with North African Sloughis since the publication of the “ Foundation Sloughis article” in 2007

Positive efforts increasing the amount of North African Sloughis genes in the Western bred Sloughi population
In each cross, the male's name is on the left, the female's name on the right.

No known relationship to European breeding in the African parent.

Min-al-Amira-al-Zarifa (Germany)
Volkan Schuru-esch-Schams x Moroccan Sina
S litter born March 28 2007
6 puppies
Mahanajim  (Germany)
Moroccan Saphir x Bishara Mahanajim 
Bishara's sire from Libya
D litter, Born March  21 2008
1 puppy  Djebel Mahanajim  red sand black mask
Schuru-esch-Schams (Germany)
Moroccan Saphir x Namira Schuru-esch-Schams
W litter born July 20 2008
5 dogs 2 bitches all sand black mask

Bohemia Genao (Czech Republic)
Tunisian Salmon
X Bersheba’s Shabbura
Shabbura's sire from Libya

N litter born September 10 2008

7 puppies

Nuri al Baida (Germany)
V’ Sahib Nuri al Baida x Tunisian Kahla
A litter born February 12 2009 
2 bitches sand black mask

Nuri al Baida (Germany)
Tunisian Sebegu x X'Dahri Nuri al Baida
C Litter born May 3 2010
3 males 4 bitches sand with or without overlay and brindle

No Kennel Name (J.-B. Astier de Villatte, France)
Semch de la Baume Cromagnon x Moroccan Z'Azia
Born October 27 2010
4 bitches (2 sand black mantle, 2 sand), 1 male (sand black mantle)

Some relationship to European breeding (Kahloul de la Treille, Schuru-esch-Schams) in the African parent.

Domaine de l’Eglantière (France)
Moroccan Erfoud des Hammadates de Merzougha x Assal al Bahra Chamina of Love Arab Beauty
Born October 4 2008
3 dogs 4 bitches

De Slouaz (France)
Moroccan Erfoud des Hammadates de Merzougha x Artemise de Slouaz
Born August 15 2008
5 dogs & 3 bitches 

Moroccan Erfoud des Hammadates de Merzougha x  Bashira des Crocs de la Moliere
E Litter born October 17 2009
3 dogs & 5 bitches

No kennel name (France)
U'Malick des Crocs de la Moliere x  Moroccan Caida des Hammadates de Merzougha
born December 12 2008
4 puppies, 2 males, 2 females 

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