by Dr.Dominique Crapon de Caprona

"The Great War 1914. The Front, near Arras. Dogs trained for the transmission of orders"

When I found this card, I could not help but wonder at all the remarks one hears as Sighthound owners.....: Sighthounds are dumb..... Sighthounds are untrainable.........yes, they have a mind of their own but....who would have thought that their speed and trainability obviously made them the right dogs for another sort of performance: the job of transmitting orders on the Front between military units during World War I in France. Unfortunately, although I have quite a collection of magazines and books of the time, I could not find so far how Greyhounds were trained to do this job reliably. It is a pity, it must have been quite an art to breed dogs with what must have been great stable temperaments to work under such conditions, and also to train them to do this. It is also intriguing that a country which is not known for its passion for Sighthounds, and English sighthounds in particular, would choose to use these dogs. There must have been some very good reason for that!
You wonder, is there a message on the back of this postcard? Yes, it is dated June 25 1915, 11.00 in the morning, in French, written in blue pencil. 91 years ago, a young father sends his love to his little boy named Roland, and tells him to be nice and love his mother well.