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Check out the Preserving the Sloughi website for new updates
New genetic study involving the Sloughi
in Sloughi World

Check out updates of the Association for the Support of North African Sloughis

Congratulations to new IABCA International Champion
Shi'Rayan's Tamima at MacHan
and her Group 1 and Group 3 wins
IABCA shows, San Francisco, July 2011
Owned, loved, and handled by Nancy Lovelady

First time in the USA, has not happened in the Western World for a very long time
Breeding between 2 traditionally bred North African Sloughis

Parents not related, puppies not related to any Sloughi of Western breeding

7 puppies all sand black mask, 1 male 6 females, born July 22

Day of birth

Moroccan Amal GRC and Algerian Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan
Please contact us if you are interested

Bensekrane's Saff     ~     Amal

You can see more here

Congratulations to Sabih Shi'Rayan and his owner Ulla Mäkinen
for winning the Finnish Cup 2011 (Sabih won the Finnish Derby DVM in 2010)

Sabih Shi'Rayan © Ulla Mäkinen 2011

2 "U" Sloughias born March 29 2011
Uwaysah Shi'Rayan black mantle, Ulfah Shi'Rayan sand black mask

See more here

Ch. Rabah Shi'Rayan, GRC X  Suhayma Shi'Rayan, GRC

SSARA, March 5

Congratulation to Moroccan Amal
She becomes the first African bred Sloughi to finish the big title of
Superior Gazehound Racing Champion in Sprint Racing
winning all the races that day

© de Caprona

February 25

La'eb Shi'Rayan © de Caprona 2011

Multi Ch. Laza Shi'Rayan, GRC © de Caprona 2011

Happy Tenth Birthday La'eb and Laza Shi'Rayan

January 17

to Ghalia Shi'Rayan (owned by Edda Blume)

©  Blume

Our "I" litter , the new millenium litter born January 5 2000
celebrates its 11 th birthday
Ibtihal Shi'Rayan (owned by Grace McClure) sent a happy birthday message
to his sibs I'Saar and Ibtsama Shi'Rayan 

International Ch. I'Saar Shi'Rayan, SGRC4,ORC
K'Lar Award 2004 © de Caprona

International Ch. Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan, F.Ch., GRC
© de Caprona

Final year Standings in American Performance events 2010

Moroccan Amal, GRC, ORC
# 1 Sloughi in Oval Racing, # 12 all breeds in Sprint Racing 

The Nubia Memorial Cup 2010
SFAA's Trophy for the # 1 Sloughi in all performance events combined
 Amal under tense competition managed to come out on top, 
defeating 111 entries in NOTRA oval racing, LGRA straight racing and ASFA Lure-Coursing.

Sameer © de Caprona
# 1 Sloughi, # 6 all breeds in Sprint Racing: Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC

Omneya © J.Stewart
# 1 Sloughi in ASFA lure-coursing 2010: Omneya Shi'Rayan, SGRC

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