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January 1, 1996- December 31, 1999

        The American Sighthound Field Association ASFA created the "Miscellaneous over 18" Stake"in 1995 to enable the rare Sighthounds breeds, not recognized by the American Kennel Club, to compete in lure-coursing. These breeds are: Azawakh, Chart Polski, Galgo espanol, Magyar Agar and Sloughi.
       The Miscellaneous stake started in January 1 of 1996. The Sloughi, after running 4 years in the miscellaneous stake over 18", was moved to "provisional" status which started January 1 2000, the next step towards full recognition.
      During those year, the Sloughi competed in coursing against members of its own breed and members of the other 4 rare breeds of Sighthounds.
Year 2001
      The ASFA Conference of Delegates, in Seattle, votes in favor of recognizing the Sloughi as an official ASFA breed. Starting May 1, 2001, the Sloughi courses under the same conditions as other recognized breeds.
Year 2003
      ASFA adopts the United Kennel Club Standard for the breed as reference.
Year 2004
     The Sloughi Fanciers Association of America (SFAA) provides the AKC with an extensive folder documenting the Sloughi's talent in coursing and the AKC enables the Sloughi to participate in AKC lure-coursing events

1-2 judges evaluate each dog's follow, enthusiasm, speed, agility
Courses of 550-1200 yards
lure: 3 pieces of white plastic attached behind one another
(black plastic on snow)
1-3 dog courses
blankets yellow, pink, blue
muzzles not compulsory
dogs are handslipped
Dogs and bitches course with each other

SFAA* Field Champion (100 pts and 2 first placements, or 1 first and 2 second placements)
SFAA Lure Courser of Merit (300 pts and 4 first placements)

The Sloughis who coursed from January 1, 1996-January 1, 2000 were awarded ASFA's Foundation Field Champion, and Foundation Courser of Merit titles
*SFAA = Sloughi Fanciers Association of America

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