Conformation and performance ~ Schönheit und Leistung ~ Beauté et performance

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Carina Almqvist (Sweden)
Marcin Blaszkowski (Poland)
Jessica Bolander (Sweden) ( 
Ellen Brady (USA) 
Susan Bamford (UK/France)
Big Paw Prints (USA)
Amanda and Nick Carter (UK)
Annie Chamberlain (USA)
Guy Coenen (Belgium)
Marketa Doubravova (Czech Republic)
Cathy Dow (USA)
Michal Dubrovsky (USA)
Helene Duncan (Netherlands)
Oliver Eberhardt (Germany) 
Bernd Fritzsch (USA)
Inge Gelius (Sweden)
Dieter Grams (Switzerland)
Eva Hildorsson (Sweden)
Liz Gross von Hübbenet (Germany)
Simon Kemp (UK)
Susannah Kemp (UK)
Birgit Laminger (Austria)
Enric Mammen (Germany) (
Roxanne Meyer (Norway)
Jeanette Oliver (Luxemburg/France)
Merethe Peersen (Spain)
Leaping Lizards Photography (USA)
Lindsey Photography (USA)
Corine Lundqvist (France)
Christian Magré (France)
Françoise Marin (France)
Tarja Matikainen (Finland)
Jack McGuffin (USA)
Elizabeth Miller (USA)
Jennifer Newman (USA) 
Next Age Photography (USA)
Paivi Nurmi (Finland)
Emmanuelle Occansey (France)
Kathy Pickett (USA) 
Pia Puomila (Finland)
Shot on site Photography (USA)
Els Siebel (Netherlands)
R. Schwab (Germany)
Ullis Sundell (Sweden)
Thomas Photographics (USA) 
Jana Tomesková (Czech Republic)

Dominique de Caprona 


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