Conformation and performance ~ Schönheit und Leistung ~ Beauté et performance

Finlande, Finland

Czech Republic
  United States of America


International Show, Tampere, March 21
Judge: Ole Staunskjaer (Denmark)
Open Class dogs: Very good 1 Firuz Schuru-Esch-Schams (Reinikka&Riihimäki, Finland)

National show, Karjaa, July 4
Judge Breed: Mr Orvo Virtanen (Finland)
Judge Group:  Mr Åke Cronander (Sweden).
Champion Class bitches: BOB, GROUP2  Jaraa Shi'Rayan (Matikainen)

Puppy Show, Tampere  August 14
Judge: Reet Lint  (Esthonia)
Best Puppy, Group 3  Al-Suwiid Aylin Djadhaba 

National show, Tervakoski  August 22
Judge: A. Kappers-Karlsson (Sweden)
good La'Jahibbu Asil 
very good Syringa Harmony

National show, Kouvola August 28
Judge: Martin Baskaran (Spain)
Best Bitch1, BOB Syringa Harmony 
Best Bitch2,CC,FIN CH La'Jahibbu Ajmah
Best Male1,CC,FIN CH, BOS La'Jahibbu Asil

Winner Show 2004, December 5
 Judge: Stephen Wheeler (Australia)
BOB Puppy Al Suwiid Aylin Djadhaba (Puomila)
BOB, CACIB, Finnish Winner 2004 Syringa Heritage (Nurmi)
BOS, CACIB, Finnish Winner 2004 Jaraa Shi'Rayan (Matikainen)
Best Bitch 2 Syringa Harmony (Roenkkoe)
Best Bitch 3 Ajmah La'Jahibbu (Tuuva)


July 7, Helsinki
A historical landmark for the breed in Finland

Jaraa Shi'Rayan becomes the first Sloughi ever to race in an official track race at the "Tuomarinkartano" *track in Helsinki. 
The competition was the Helsinki district championships. 
The length of the track was 480 m and Jaraa's time was 33.52sec. 
The time needed for the Racing Champion title is 34 seconds. 
Unfortunately Jaraa's result did not qualify towards the championship, because she was racing alone. 
However, she did become the first Sloughi Helsinki district champion.

 International lure coursing, Tampere, August 8

1. Tillieville Yojimbo, CC
2. Jaraa Shi'Rayan
3. Tillieville Yannis
4. Syringa Harmony
5. La'jahibbu Asil

September 14, La'jahibbu Asil succeeds his racing lisence race.


Jaraa Shi'Rayan, # 1 Sloughi in Finland 2002
First Finnish Coursing Champion

 International Dog Show, Turku, January 25
 Judge: Paolo Dondina (Italy)
Champion Class dogs: CACIB, BOS  Syringa Heritage (Nurmi)
Open Class bitches:  CACIB, FIN CH, BOB,GROUP-4 Rahina El Bahia de la Cite du Guerrier (Wallgren)

Easter Dog Show, Lappeenranta, April 21
Judge: Mrs Soile Bister (Finland)
 Junior Class Bitches: Excellent 1, CC, BOB La'Jahhibu's Ajmah  (Tuuva) 
(Ghali Shi'Rayân X Hulkah Shi'Rayân)

National Dog Show, Rovaniemi,  June 22
judge: Geof Kill (Australia)
Champion Class dogs:  BOB  Syringa Heritage (Nurmi)

Helsinki Sighthound Club Show, July 19
Judge: M Teresa Fassio Durando (Italy)
Junior Class: Very good La'Jahibbu Asil
Champion Class dogs: BOS  Syringa Heritage
Veteran Class: Very good Usdan Schuru-esch-Schams
Champion Class Bitches: BOB Syringa Harmony
 Hulkah Shi'Rayan

 National Dog Show, Hämeenlinna, August 10
Judge: Rita Kadike-Skadina (Latvia).
Champion Class dogs: BOS Syringa Heritage
Champion Class bitches: BOB Jaraa Shi'Rayan


Jaraa and Heritage with owners
Photo Christine Löfgren

Coursing Lahti, May 11

1. Coursing Certificate, Jaraa Shi'Rayân 481 points (Matikainen)
2. Syringa Heritage 388 (Nurmi)

Coursing Talma in Sipoo, June 1 
 head of judges: Mr Tapio Helpi 
1 course only for track safety reasons

1. Coursing Certificate, Jaraa Shi'Rayân 238 points (Matikainen)
2. Syringa Heritage 183 (Nurmi)

Jaraa becomes the first Sloughi Coursing Champion in Finland


International Dog Show, Lahti, April 28
Judge: Rita van Mechelen (Belgium)
Open Class: Excellent 1, BOB Jaraa Shi'Rayân (Matikainen)
(Fa'iq Shi'Rayân X Ramla)
(no CACIB awarded because bred out of Tunisian import, Tunisia not affiliated with FCI)

>National Dog Show, Lohja, June 16
Breed judge: Unto Timonen (Finland)
Group judge: Anette Bystrup (Denmark)
Open Class:Excellent 1, BOB , GROUP 3, Jaraa Shi'Rayân (Matikainen)
Breeder: Dominique de caprona, USA

National Dog Show , Loimaa , June 29
Judge: Ulla Eriksson (Sweden)
Open Class bitches: Excellent 1, CAC BOB, GROUP 5, S Ch SV-01 Syringa Hope (Hildorsson) 
Hope becomes Finnish Champion

Breeder: Eva Hildorsson (Sweden)

International Dog Show, Forssa, June 30
Judge: Jarmo Vuorinen (Finland)

Champion Class Dogs: Excellent 1, BOS Int, Fin, S & Est Ch Syringa Heritage (Nurmi)
Open Class Bitches: Excellent 1, BOB, CACIB, S & Fin Ch SV-01 Syringa Hope (Hildorsson) 
Excellent,  Fin & Est Ch Syringa Harmony (Puomila & Rönkkö)

Breeder: Eva Hildorsson (Sweden)

The Helsinki Sighthound Club Specialty Show August 11
judge: Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne (Germany)

Champion Class dogs: Syringa Headline BOB (Nurmi)
Open Class Bitches: Jaraa Shi'Rayân BOS (Matikainen)

BEST BRACE IN SHOW: Syringa Harmony & Syringa Headline 
A first in Finland for the breed
Judge: Maria Abrahamsson (Sweden)
Handler: Anna-Mari Rönkkö

> International Dog Show, Jyväskylä 
judge: Markku Mähönen (Finland) 
Open Class: BOB  CC Jaraa Shi'Rayân  (becomes Finnish Champion) (Matikainen)
BB-2 Syringa Harmony (Rönkkö)

Winner 2002 Dog Show, Helsinki, December 8
Judge: Saija Juutilainen (Finland)
Puppy Class: BOS-puppy, honour prize La'jahibbu Asil (Puomila/Rönkkö)
Ghali Shi'Rayân X Hulkah Shi'Rayân )
Champion Class: BOS, CACIB, Winner 2002 Syringa Heritage (Nurmi)
(Of Golden West Hannah X Ghali Shi'Rayân)
Puppy Class: BOB-puppy, honour prize La'jahibbu Ajmah (Puomila/Rönkkö)
( Ghali Shi'Rayân X Hulkah Shi'Rayân)
Champion Class: BOB, CACIB, Winner 2002 Jaraa Shi'Rayân (Matikainen)
(Fa'iq Shi'Rayân X Ramla)

La'Jahibbu: Pia Puomila and Anna-Mari Rönkkö (Finland)
Syringa: Eva Hildorsson (Sweden)
Shi'Rayân: Dominique de Caprona (USA)


Coursing, Kuopio, July 13
Judges: Pentti Örn , Päivi Kulmala

Test dog : Jaraa Shi'Rayân
1. Coursing Certificate, Syringa Harmony 409 points (Rönkkö)
Syringa Heritage DIS (Nurmi)

Competition for dogs over 3 years of age
Syringa Harmony DERBY Winner 2002
Syringa Harmony becomes the first Sloughi to ever win a Coursing certificate in Finland.
She also becomes the first DERBY Winner 2002 for the breed

Coursing, Tampere, July 27
Judge: Pertti Päivärinta 

1. Coursing Certificate, Jaraa Shi'Rayân 475 points 
2. Syringa Harmony 393 points

Jaraa Shi'Rayân becomes the second Sloughi to win a Coursing certificate in Finland
and the first American bred Sloughi to do so.

> Helsinki Sighthound Club
Annual Coursing Championchips, September 28 
Judges: Tiina Flytström, Jari Myyrä, Janne Lehtikangas, Anne  Karikumpu
Eeva Salmela, Pentti Örn, Jari Heikkinen and Ritva Vuohu

1. Jaraa Shi'Rayân 491 points 
Helsinki Sighthound Clubs Coursing Champion 2002.
Syringa Heritage & Syringa Harmony 0 points 

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