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Bersheba's Mubarriz
Jüngstensieger & Jüngsten BIS, Rifferswil (CH) 2000
Jungendsieger & Jungend BIS, Fribourg (CH) 2000 
owner Jeanette Wild, breeder Dieter Grams 

International Dog Show, St. Gallen May 19
Judge: S. Sinko (Slovenia)

 Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CACIB,CAC,BOB  Bersheba’s Mubarriz
  Excellent 2 (V2) R-CACIB,R-CAC  W’Qamar Nuri el Baida
Junior Class: Excellent 1 (V1) Jugendsieger   Bersheba’s Meezaan

Open Class Excellent 1 (V1) CACIB,CAC   Bersheba’s Makanah
  Excellent 2 (V2) R-CACIB,R-CAC  Bersheba’s Mujiza

International Dog Show, St. Gallen May 20
Judge: B. Spoljaric (Slovakia)

Champion Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CACIB,CAC,BOB  Bersheba’s Jeezaan
Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1), R-CACIB,R-CAC   Bersheba’s Meezaan

Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CACIB,CAC   Bersheba’s Makanah
  Excellent 2 (V2) R-CACIB,R-CAC   Bersheba’s Mujiza

National Specialty of the Swiss Club for Sloughi and Azawakh, Sursee,  May 24 2001
Judge: Frau Tuula Savolainen (SF)


 Puppy: Very promising (VV1) Bersheba’s Nibraas
          Best Puppy und Puppy BIS
   Very promising 2 (VV2)    Bersheba’s Oh’Dabal

 Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CAC, Clubsieger  Fadlan il Kalam el Djerid
   Excellent 2 (V2)  R-CAC   Faraon Ibn Jamil el Djerid
   Excellent 3 (V3)   Bersheba’s Mubarriz
   Excellent 4 (V4)    Bersheba’s Meezaan

Champion Class: Excellent 1 (V1)    Bersheba’s Jeezaan
   Excellent 2 (V2)    V’Sahib Nuri al Baida

 Veteran Class:  Excellent 1 ( V1)    Sharbat el Djerid


 Puppy: Very Promising 1( VV1)    Bersheba’s O’Mesha
   Very promising 2 (VV2)    Bersheba’s Niyaba

 Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1)    Wagi Nuri al Baida
   Excellent 2 (V2)    Bersheba’s Makanah
   Excellent 3 (V3)    Bersheba’s Mujiza

 Champion Class: Excellent 1(V1) CAC, BOB  Bersheba’s Hayy Djonmanah
   Excellent 2 (V2), R-CAC   Jennah de la Horde d’or
   Excellent 3 (V3)    V’Fannaya Nuri al Baida
   Excellent 4 (V4)    Vahdani Nuri al Baida

  Veteran Class: Excellent 1 (V1)    Shirzadah el Djerid

National Dog Show, Rifferswil, August 25
Judge: Frau W. Schwerm Hahne (Germany)

Junior Class:  very promising 1 (vv1)  Bersheba's Nibraas
Open Class: Excellent 1(V1), R-CAC Bersheba's Mubarriz
Champion Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CAC, BOB V'Sahib Nuri al Baida

Open Class:  Very Good 1 (Sg 1) Bersheba's Mujiza

Reserve BIS: V'Sahib Nuri al Baida

FCI European Championship in Oval Racing (480m)
FCI Championat Européen courses ovales, Europäische Meiterschaft Ovalrennen
Lostallo September 8

Finals dogs & bitches mixed

1) Aruma Mahanajim 33.06 sec. European Champion
2) Philos Schuru esch Schams 33,21 sec.
3) Ovid Schuru esch Schams 33.97 sec
4) Aschab Mahanajim 34.10 sec
5) Rumi Schuru esch Schams 35.- sec
6) Anifeh Sheik el Arab 35.35 sec

National Dog Show, Lotzwil, September 19
Judge: M. Müller-Schneebeli (Switzerland)

Puppy Class:         Bersheba's Oh'Dabal            pulled
Junior Class:           Bersheba's Nibraas             pulled

 Open Class:           Bersheba's Mubarriz            pulled
Excellent 1 (V1) CAC, BOB Labib Schuru-esch-Schams 
              Excellent 2 (V2) R-CAC Faraon Ibn Jamil el Djerid 
              Excellent 3 (V3) Fadlan II Kalam el Djerid 

Open Class:  Excellent 1 (V1) CAC Anifeh Sheik el Arab 

Because of  large entries at the show, Mrs Müller-Schneebeli  was added to the panel of judges at the last minute 
and judged the Sloughis instead of Mrs Eli Marie Klepp from Norway

 International Dog Show, Lausanne, October 20
Judge: B. Wamberg (Denmark)

Junior Class: Very Good 1 (sg1) Isiwun'R'D'un Nomade
Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1), CACIB, CAC,BOB, Bersheba's Meezaan
Excellent 2 (V2) R-CACIB, R-CAC Asban Gau al Gamar
Excellent 3 (V3) Bersheba's Mubarriz

International Dog Show, Lausanne, October 21
Judge: V. Besson (France)

Junior Class: Very Good 1 (sg1) Isiwun'R'D'un Nomade
Open Class: Excellent 1 (V1), CACIB, CAC, Asban Gau al Gamar
Excellent 2 (V2) R-CACIB, R-CAC Dukal Umm bershebas el Abid
Excellent 3 (V3) Fadlan il Kalam el Djerid
Excellent 4 (V4) Faaon ibn Jamil el Djerid
Excellent (V): Bersheba's Meezaan

Champion Class: Excellent 1 (V1) CACIB, CAC, BOB Vahdani Nuri al Baida


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