References for the article

The Foundation Sloughis of the Western Breeding
and their impact on today’s Western bred Sloughi population

Les Sloughis fondateurs de l’élevage occidental
et leur influence sur la population actuelle de Sloughis élevés en occident

Die Stamm-Sloughis der westlichen Zuchtstätten und ihr Einfluß
auf die heutigen im Westen gezüchteten Sloughis.

Laba'An II al Khalij
Born October 1977
Smooth Saluki bred by Dr. John Burchard
Imported from Saudi Arabia
owned by H.P.Oechslin, Switzerland

Pedigree by his breeder Dr.John Burchard placing Laba'an's birth in Saudi Arabia
Pedigree of the Swiss kennel Club
Pages of the Swiss Stud Book, showing Laba'An II al Khalij registered as Sloughi
and feathered sister Thabya registered as feathered Saluki
Letter by Dr. John Burchard describing the puppies of a Saluki litter which included Thabya and her brother Laba'An II al Khalij

Laba'An II al Khalij with Azawakh Safo-Garra
Registration document of the Azawakh bitch Safo and the puppies of this breeding 1983
Letter signed by 4 people condemning the registration of the puppies of this breeding February 1986
as Sloughi-Azawakhs imported from Saudi Arabia, origins unknown, by Ms Leimbacher (Tepe Gawra kennel)
Official letter banning these puppies from the Swiss Stud Book registry April 1986
Photograph of one of these crossbreds: Tepe Gawra Amira

Laba'An II al Khalij with Saluki Loofah al Khalij
Letter of Dr.John Burchard to Mr.Weber (FCI judge) stressing the quality of the pups out of that breeding November 17 1980
Loofah was imported by Dr.J.Burchard from Saudi Arabia.

Laba'An II al Khalij with 3 Sloughi bitches
various data bases on line based on the Stud books of various countries, including France
Laba'An II Al Khalij x Naiade du Montouchet de la Horde d'Or
Montouchet de la Horde d'Or "S" litter born May 6 1981
Laba'An II Al Khalij x Okaline du Montouchet de la Horde d'Or
Montouchet de la Horde d'Or "T" litter born October 15 1982
Laba'An II Al Khalij x Nitouche du Montouchet de la Horde d'Or
Montouchet de la Horde d'Or "U" litter born January 7 1983

According to the owner Mrs Leimbacher/Muehlemann, Laba'an II al Khalij was eventually banned from further breeding by the Swiss Kennel Club
when it was discovered that he had a feathered sister.

L'Karla Diane
Owned by Dr.Pierre Carbonne
of parents originating in Afghanistan

Birth declaration of the “O” litter von Kabul, born November 29 1978,  filled out by her breeder Dr.P.Carbonne
 showing the ancestry imported from Afghanistan from the dam of this litter: L'Karla Diane
Origin in Afghanistan confirmed to the author and on the web by B.Lignon (Ben Bahram) December 5 2007

born June 13 1972
owned by Mr Cayssials (Secretary of the Club "Amis du Sloughi" in 1977)

registration with the French Stud Book (LOF, Livre des Origines francaises)
LOF registration numbers and birth dates of J'Thasma and Joker

Article by Mme Rey stating that the sire of Malik, Jenna, was bred by the Beduins of the Orient (Middle East)
Article by Mr Przezdziecki in the bulletin of Les Amis du Sloughi 1977, stating the Oreitna tribe as Jenna's breeder

The story of Luuk written by Mr.Immig who bred with her, January 15 1977

Registration in 3 registries, VDH, Swiss kennel Club, DWZRV
Letter to the president of UICL stating the story of Muna by Mrs Fuchs Rapeport June 11 1973

Letter to the DWZRV asking about documentation regarding Muna, Luuk, L'Karla Diane and Jenna in the Schuru-esch-Schams breeding
forwarded to Mr.Schritt, for which I never received an answer. Click here to see it