On May 15, 1999, nine Sloughi puppies were born at Syringa Sloughis in Sweden.  They are the result of probably the most successful artificial insemination with frozen semen in the history of the breed, blending Scandinavian and American bloodlines for the first time.  This achievement is the result of a joint project between SFAA members Dominique de Caprona (Shi'Rayân, USA) Pia Puomila (Finland) and Eva Hildorsson (Syringa, Sweden).

We wish good luck and lots of years of great companionship to these wonderful puppies and their owners in Finland, Sweden, Germany and the USA. 

Parents: Multi Champion Hannah of Golden West (left) and Champion SBIS Ghali Shi'Rayân 

Now posted: the Syringa puppies growing up 


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The Girls
The Boys

For more information contact Dominique Crapon de Caprona or Eva Hildorsson

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