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The Association for the Support of North African Sloughis
is offering a calendar 2011 in color
featuring pictures of Sloughis in their countries of origin: Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.
in 3 languages: American English, French, German
with holiday dates specific to these 3 countries

The first time such a calendar is made.
All proceeds from the sale go to the ASNAS bank account
for the 3 projects in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

Deadline for order November 15 2010
Price: $20.00, shipping free in the USA, add $2.00 for overseas
Payment preferably by Paypal

Any questions? please contact the webmaster

Top left: cover; top right: format for the main pictures for each month
below center: format of the calendar pages.
A total of 15 large photographs, 5 in Algeria, 5 in Tunisia, 5 in Morocco
and 12 smaller photographs, 4 each of Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian Sloughis' heads

Dimensions: 8.5" x  11" =  22cm x 28cm

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