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The second project associated with ASNAS was organized in Algeria by Mr.Joseph Mangelsdorf in spring and summer of 2010 and the Sloughi owners and breeders in the region of Bensekrane..
Mr.Joseph Mangelsdorf travelled several times from Tiaret to Bensekrane in April, and July and worked there with the Sloughis owners and breeders who opened their doors to him. 
Mr.Joseph Mangelsdorf at first donated from his own resources, and later on, with funds from ASNAS, provided the sloughis of the region with vaccinations against rabies and canine deseases, worming, antibiotic oinments, as well as insecticides against fleas and ticks. Several litters of puppies and their mothers were treated as well.

The second phase of this 2010 effort took place end of August, when Mr. Mangelsdorf once again travelled to Bensekrane, and beginning of 2011 a third phase took place in that region. A total of about a 100 vaccines againt Rabies and about 90 vaccines against canine diseases were provided, as well as antibiotics, products against ticks and fleas, and wormers. Another set of vaccines is currently being prepared (September 2011).

Some of the Bensekrane Sloughis that ASNAS supports  Treatment againt external parasites (ASNAS provides the product in that spray)

Left antibiotic treatment of an infected snake bite;  right: antibiotic treatment of an injury

Two litters vaccinated in Spring of 2010

Some more of the Sloughis supported by ASNAS

SFAA gave a substantial donation for this project as well.

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