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First LGRA Meet

K'LAR AWARD 2006 & 2007

Italian Greyhound
Snoopy-J Count Snoopy von Edison SGRC4 (Jones)

Snoopy turned 4 years old in September.  He had an amazing year, earning his SGRC2, SGRC3, and SGRC4 all in 2006.

Snoopy joined our household at the age of 3 months.  We realized at a very early age that he loved to run.
Since we lived in an apartment, there really wasn’t anywhere for him to run free, so we started taking him to dog parks.

At the age of 9 months, Snoopy was running around a dog park with a pack of small dogs
when a Mastiff came all the way across the park and attacked Snoopy, putting him in a death grip.
My husband actually reached inside the Mastiff’s mouth and pried him off of Snoopy.
The big dog kept attacking, so my husband had to hold Snoopy over a fence until the Mastiff could be restrained.
Snoopy required stitches in his leg, hip, neck, shoulder, and his mouth.  He was lucky to be alive.

 After that experience, no more dog parks!  We needed somewhere for Snoopy to run.
That’s when I found out about LGRA.  It was the answer I had been searching for.

From the first time Snoopy saw the lure, he was crazy for it.
He ran his first race in November of 2003, his only race for the year.
He resumed racing in 2004, and Snoopy finished that year in the #12 all-breed spot.
In 2005, he finished as the #4 all breed.  In 2006, #1.

Besides LGRA, Snoopy’s other interests are playdates, sleeping, cuddling, counter surfing, and trashcan diving.

Snoopy leaping as the lure broke in front of the photographer , he kept on the lure while the others finished the race with no lure
© Michael Roncallo 2006