The Parents

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Dam: Ch. Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan, FCh, GRC (owned by Shi'Rayan)
Sire: IABCA International Ch. Najeeb Storm Shi'Rayan, GRC (owned by Ellen Brady)

This litter blends 1/4 Tunisian North African lines through Ibtsama's sire Tarfa, GRC
1/16 Moroccan North African line through Najeeb's great grandfather G'Zal Ouled Laouichat
with well established European lines (France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland) behind our own breeding

Najeeb is a son of IABCA, International and Veteran Ch, BISS  Fahel Shi'Rayan,  FCC, FCh.,SORC, SGRC6
and IABCA International Ch.Syringa Happiness at Shi'Rayan, ORC, SGRC
Ibtsama is a daughter of FCI International, Puerto Rican, Latin American Ch. Bouthayna Shi'Rayan, FCM, SORC, GRC

 Pedigree upon request

Ch.Najeeb Storm Shi'Rayan, GRC
© Shot on Site

Ch.Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan (yellow) coursing with Ch. Hayifa and Ch. Laza Shi'Rayan
© Big Paw Prints

Najeeb © Shot on Site and Ibtsama © de Caprona

This litter results from an Artificial Insemination with chilled semen
Ibtsama and Najeeb live far away from each other .......

3 healthy and active puppies, born July 8 2007
1 girl, 2 boys.

5 hours old.© de Caprona

5 days old © de Caprona
Ra'id, Rabah and Rasha Shi'Rayan

Left Rasha (the girl), center and right the 2 boys
3 weeks old  © de Caprona

4 weeks old, first time out © de Caprona

7 weeks old

Rabah    ~     Ra'id    ~    Rasha © de Caprona

Rabah     ~     Ra'id    ~    Rasha © de Caprona

Ra'id      ~    Rasha  © de Caprona

Rasha and Rabah © de Caprona

11 weeks old, Ra'id and Rasha will soon leave us for their owner! 

Ra'id and Rabah © de Caprona

Rasha wants to play too. © de Caprona

Ra'id and Rasha are loved and owned by Ellen Brady, USA
Rabah remains at Shi'Rayan

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