Errors were made in the past of the Sloughi Western Breeding
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 Understanding Sloughi Pedigrees

We do not have the smooth Saluki Laba'An II al Khalij, 
nor the smooth Afghan hound L'Karla Diane in our pedigrees.



The A Litter born April 5 1993
The B litter born october 9 1994
The C puppy 
The D litter born October 14 1994
The E litter
The F litter born January 1 1997
The G litter born January 17 1997
The H litter born August 27 1998
The I litter born January 5 2000
The J litter born November 2 2000
The K puppy born November 25 2000
The L litter born February 25 2001
The M litter born October 10 2001
The N litter born July 12 2002
The O Litter   born June 1 2004
The P puppy born July 8 2006 
The Q litter  born September 13 2006
The R Litter born July 8 2007
The S litter born September 30 2007 
The T litter born February 1 2010
The U litter-born March 29 2011
The V Litter born July 22 2011
The W Litter-born March 6 2012--new------------------------------

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