Details about recent African imports to the Western World


Sloughi with descendants in the Western breeding

2010 Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan (male) imported by Shi'Rayan (USA)
Breeder Nabil Medjoub
Father Bayda of Algerian lines
Mother Hmiyani of Algerian lines


Sloughis with descendants in the Western breeding

2007 Fellouja (female) imported by Mahanajim (Germany)
Breeder Mohamed Soujaa
Father Saphir of Moroccan lines
Mother Bourkane of Moroccan lines

 2008 Amal (female) imported by Shi'Rayan (USA)
breeder Miloud Belahmar
Father Douah of Moroccan lines
Mother Farah of Moroccan lines

2009 Hour (male) imported with Marcin Blaszkowski's help to Poland
Bred by Mohamed Soujaa
Owned by Radoslaw Skut


 Sloughis with descendants in the Western breeding

1999 Tarfa (male) imported by Shi'Rayan (USA)
Breeders Heinz-Gert and Gisela Bergmann in Ghardimaou
Father Yeha and mother Kahena of documented Algerian and Tunisian bloodlines

1999 Ramla (female)
imported by Shi'Rayan (USA)
Breeders Heinz-Gert and Gisela Bergmann in Ghardimaou
  Father S'tak registered in Algeria
Mother Kahena of documented Algerian and Tunisian bloodlines

1999 Rym Cassandra (female) imported by Shi'Rayan (USA)
Breeder Salem Gharsallah, Douz
Father Sebek bred by Bergmanns
Mother Raquel from the desert

 (?) Kahla (female) imported by Oliver Eberhardt (Germany)
Breeder Gisela Bergmann, Ghardimaou
  Algerian and Tunisian bloodlines

Salmon and his sister Sante were imported to the Czech Republic
Parents: Mersegui x Gtaya
Importer Mrs Petra Adamkova
Salmon was used for breeding by Bohemia Genao

2008 Sebegu (male) imported and owned by Nuri al Baida (Germany)
Breeder Belgacem Ben Ali, Douz
a nephew of Rym Cassandra
Father Fayed is Rym's brother
Mother from the desert
Sebegu and his sister Mouja were dumped at Shi'Rayan by their importer in summer of 2014, when she imported Shames
as they had outlived their commercial value, leaving behind unpaid veterinary and food bills

2010 Lazrig (male) imported by Bohemia Genao (Czech Republic)
Breeder Cheldi Nabli, Hammamet
Father Ghazel bred by Raouf Ochi, Bou Salem
Mother Richa bred by Hamma, Bou Salem
The parents were acquired as adults by Nabli
They were not bred by him as the pawped pedigree indicates
And the grandparents in that pedigree are invented

Philibert, said to be from Algeria
originally given with his sister to a French couple in Tunisia
Because Philibert could not live in an apartment he was given to Jana Tomeskova, Bohemia Genao, Czech Republic

Imported for breeding

2014 Shames imported by Nuri al Baida (Germany)
Breeders Olfa and Ahmed Aziz Abid, Ariana

Mother Abla bred by Raouf Ochi, Bou Salem
Father Hor, abandoned at a veterinary clinic in Ariana

2016 Nawara, a full sister of Shames (same parents, different litters), imported by Del Khazaris (Sweden)
Breeder Olfa Abid, Ariana

Her littermate Nesma came with her to Abd al Jabbar (Sweden)

Prior to 2008-2009, there were no Western bloodlines in Tunisia

Mr. Nabli from Hammamet started looking for Sloughis in 2008 and was early on in contact with Patricia Pichon
owner of Magistere Vajra and Magistere Vahly
Mr. Nabli
started using these 2 French  dogs to breed his pure bred Tunisian sloughias
They are fawn brothers and each brings 40.2% of Saluki blood (Syrian Jenna and Saudi Arabian Laba'an II al Khalij added)
see here
Shortly thereafter 2 black mantle dogs from the Siham Sahara"E" litter are imported from Morocco and blended into this breeding
These 2 bring an additional
14.94% of Saluki blood and the color black mantle in that kennel
see here

Prior to the importation of the Siham Sahara dogs, Mr. Nabli had tried to get black mantle dogs from Mrs. Bergman and Shi'Rayan who both refused

Dogs imported now from that kennel are most probably mixes between African (Moroccan, Tunisian), Syrian and Saudi Arabian lines
There is no proof of 100% African origins as indicated in advertisements by Shubah al Warda and Balkan Kennel

With descendants in the Western breeding
imported by Ulrich Rosenzweig of Shubah al Warda (Austria)
breeder C. Nabli in Hammamet
bred to two males of Magistere and Bersheba, both with heavy Saluki ancestry

2014 Ata (male) imported by Balkan Kennel (Serbia)
breeder C. Nabli in Hammamet

According to Gervais Cazin (Magistere) Ata's father is Ben Bahram Fares-Megouar and the mother is a daughter or granddaughter of Magistere Vajra.
So NOT a Tunisian COO Sloughi as advertised

Chahrazed bred to Ata, litter born December 24 2016, 10 puppies, 7 males, 3 females all sand
advertized as 100% Tunisian, when the ancestry is of mixed breeds Sloughi x Saluki


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