The Sloughi in the UK, 2020 Our Dogs magazinenew

  True history of the Sloughi in the USA  

  Stolen Sloughis, after almost a half-century, a case of misappropriated breed identity is rectified  

  Indigenous lop eared Sighthounds from Central Africa to China      ~  

  The Legend of the Tunisian town of Sloughia, in German ~

  Sloughi Stamps ~

  What is Behind a Word? Sloughi versus Saluki ~

  What is a Sloughi?   ~

  The Sloughi's Stolen History   ~ 

  Mistaken Statements about the North African Sloughi  ~

  Countries of Origin of the Sloughi~

  North African Traditions with Sloughi ~~

Algerian Sloughi  ~  Sloughi Algérien
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