Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  Laba'an II al Khalij, the famous Saluki in the Sloughi Breeding

  Impact on today's breeding of the Foundation Sloughis  ~~~

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  Litters with African Parents since 2007 ~ updated September 18 2021 

  Litters with half-African Parents since 2007 ~updated April 7 2020

  Litters that continue to inbreed on foreign non Sloughi dogs updated April 8 2014

  Outcrossing to another breed within FCI 

  Details about recent African imports updated December 30 2021

Moroccan Sloughi puppies ~Chiots Sloughi marocains 
de Caprona 2008

Algerian Sloughi family, Tlemchen    Famille de sloughis algeriens, Tlemchen
Mangelsdorf 1979

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