The Sloughi Review is a magazine for Sloughi enthusiasts
published on line with the support of the
Sloughi Fanciers Association of America and the magazine's sponsors

The Sloughi Review Special Edition  the old Dutch studbook prior to World War II
The Sloughi Review Special Edition 2  Sloughi Trophies
The Sloughi Review Special Edition 3 August Le Gras, Senoussi, Time capsules

The Sloughi Review issue 13  
All about the hunting and guarding breed Sloughi
History of hunting, domestication from antiquity to now
and much more

The Sloughi Review issue 12
Country-of-origin Sloughis' influence on western breeding  new

The Sloughi Review issue 11
World Coursing Championships/ Iron dog event

The Sloughi Review issue 10

Sloughis in Algeria, Sloughis and Autism

The Sloughi Review issue 9
Town of Slouguia, Amal's grand escape, Sloughi inspiration behind LGRA, Sloughi LGRA milestone, Ederatus-Mustela

The Sloughi Review issue 8
SFA International Invitational winners, Noteworthy achievements, Promising youngsters, Top dogs, Africans in Sweden

The Sloughi Review issue 7
ASFA's Hall of Fame, Judging Sloughis, Sloughi Tohuwabohu - a complete confusion

The Sloughi Review issue 6
Heinz-Gert & Gisela Bergmann, Sloughis donating blood, The Culture of the Sloughi

The Sloughi Review issue 5

The Sloughi in the Arts

The Sloughi Review issue 4
Celebrating longevity, 24 Sloughis that lived past the age of 15 years

The Sloughi Review issue 3
Portrait of 5 outstanding Sloughis, Sloughi first breed in FCI, 10 Years of ASNAS 2008-2018

The Sloughi Review issue 2
Ch. Fa'Iz Shi'Rayan, The Art of Persistence, American show system
2 dog collars Maherpa's grave, UICL, UICL Dual Championship Sloughi winners

The Sloughi Review issue 1

Life in conformation ring, 8 special Sloughis, The Nubia Memorial cup winners



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