12-18 Months

Judge Jack McGuffin

1st  WBBASHIRA SHEIK EL ARAB  DOB May 11, 2001 (Owned by Duncan, Netherlands, bred by Lauer, Germany) This is an extremely handsome young bitch, beautifully pigmented, and of wonderful solid construction and proportions throughout; with nice flowing lines showing an outstanding combination of substance, strength, and refinement.  Beautiful headpiece and expression topping a strong, well set neck and flowing into a beautiful topline, nicely coupled.  Her two profile shots here exemplify how a well-formed withers/topline and underline may appear quite differently depending on ‘severity’ of stance, but there’s no denying that she appears wonderfully assembled.   Hard to fault regardless of an apparent superficial ear injury.  Appears to move with lightness and ease.  Today she is my Winners Bitch.

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