Origins and History

        Breed Characteristics    -

 Coat Colors of the Sloughi

 Sloughi Book

 Mitochondrial DNA of Sloughi and Saluki

 The Foundation Sloughis of the Western Breeding and their Impact on today's Western bred Sloughi Population NEW

   The Current FCI Breed Standard      -

 Comments on the Current FCI Standard      - 

 The UKC Standard

       Sloughi vs Saluki and Azawakh   -

  Progressive Retinal Atrophy-

 The Performing Sloughi

 The Sloughi Story: inspiration behind the LGRA   -

SFAA's National Specialties

 Moroccan National Specialty or Moussem in Marrakech 2008

 FCI Breed Standard (previous version)

 Remarks on the Standard 188D (previous version)

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