SFAA is dedicated to preserving form, function, temperament and genetic integrity in the Sloughi.

    Since the opening of the first American Sloughi stud book in 1988, the members of SFAA have worked to integrate the Sloughi in all sighthound related activities in the Western Hemisphere.  SFAA organized the first supported entries and the first specialties for the breed in the Western Hemisphere and the USA. SFAA members have bred or owned  nearly all top winning Sloughis (BIS, BOG, BISS) in the Americas, the first American conformation champion (1994), as well as all the performance dogs in this country.

    By working together with the National Oval Track Racing Association, the Large Gazehound Racing Association, the National Open Field Coursing Association and the North American Coursing Association, SFAA's efforts enabled the Sloughi to become a breed officially recognized by these associations, thus participating in their non-commercial field events. SFAA members also worked with the American Sighthound Field Association to enable the Sloughi to become an officially recognized breed for lure-coursing.  Except for the SFAA Field Champion and the SFAA Lure Courser of Merit titles in lure coursing, the different  SFAA championship titles require that a Sloughi succeed in both performance and show events.

    The Nubia Memorial Cup, a perpetual trophy, donated by SFAA's founding member and past president, Mr. Jack McGuffin, rewards the Sloughi that has accumulated the highest number of points in any combination of field events every year.

     SFAA wants to preserve the breed as a healthy and enjoyable companion and also sponsors activities involving the Sloughi as a companion. 

     Last, but not least, SFAA's Award for Services Beneficial to the Breed is offered to any person whose time and effort proved to be essential in supporting the breed.

    SFAA, an international conservatorship alliance of members who reside in the USA, Canada, Europe and North Africa, also provides breed information, rescue services, a code of ethics, and a quarterly newsletter. Our honorary members are among the first to have bred the Sloughi in Europe and imported the first Sloughi into the USA.


© de Caprona

      It was in 1979, following the importation of two German Sloughis, that Ms. Carole Cioce did some preliminary work to initiate an "American Sloughi Club".  Although this was not brought to fruition at the time, through her inquiries she was advised, in a letter dated November 1, 1979,  from Marianne Goldstein, manager for foreign registration for AKC, that a new breed folder on Sloughis had been opened by AKC and that they  awaited with interest information regarding further progress of the breed in the USA. 

     In 1986 and 1987, several people with Sloughis and other Sighthounds revived the idea of  forming a Club for the breed. In 1987,  A rare breed exhibit sponsored by the Rare Breed Kennel Club was organized in collaboration with the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills in California. Representing the breed for the first time was the beautiful red brindle Jaaram Nubia, owned by Jack McGuffin, who manned a booth with information about the breed. 

     On January 1, 1988, the SFAA was officially established as a breed club, encompassing the hopes of this handful of enthusiasts interested in establishing a safe haven for this marvelous creature we know as the Sloughi. The founder members were Carole Cioce,  Gisela Cook-Schmidt, Jack McGuffin, Mario Rechtszaid, and Kaethe and Carl Rodarty. 

     As all-too-frequently occurs, the SFAA experienced a rocky start.  Due to unresolvable conflicts and differing philosophies between the Presidency and the membership, the Club's membership voted for dissolution (in accordance with Article XIV of its Constitution and By-laws) for purposes of reorganization. The subsequent premature death of three of its members was a second blow that also slowed the activity and progress of the Club for a time. After these painful episodes, the Club managed to pulled itself together again and has since continued to work to accomplish its goals: to be an organization that monitors, promotes, preserves and protects the interests and well-being of what has miraculously come down to us through the ages as a remnant of centuries of cultivation under the hardships of nomadic life in the arid regions of North Africa: the Sloughi. 

     Today  the SFAA is an active conservatorship alliance which includes some of the oldest pioneers and experts of the breed in the world, as well as more recent enthusiasts, from many countries in both hemispheres.  The SFAA promotes an integration of the Sloughi among all Sighthound activities in the Western Hemisphere. 

     In this context, the achievements of SFAA members and their Sloughis are many and are best described as setting milestones for the development of their breed in the Americas, and summarized as follow:

1973 First Sloughi Import, Tagiurie el Sian from Lybia (K.&C.Rodarty). 
1979  First import of German-bred Sloughis Picaro and Nisa Schuru esch Schams (C. Cioce).
C. Cioce does some preliminary work to start an "American Sloughi Club".

1980 Fahran of Mumtaz-i-Javanadmi from Holland and Tounsia Kahloul de la Treille from France are imported (K.&.C. Rodarty, M. Rechtszaid).
1982 Picaro Schuru esch Schams wins the first Champion and the first Temperament Test titles in  the Western 
1986 The first litter of Sloughis to be shown in USA is born (Fahran X Tounsia).
1987 Jaaram Nubia is the first American-born Sloughia to participate in a dog show (J.McGuffin).
1988 The Sloughi Fanciers Association of America is founded.  The SFAA's Stud Book is opened.

1994 The first American-bred Sloughi is Champion and first Best of Group, A'ssissa Shi'Rayân. 
The first Sloughi wins Best in Show, Aswad Shi'Rayân. 
The first Sloughi wins Best Puppy in Show, in Canada, El Emin Schuru esch Schams. 
The Sloughi is recognized for non Commercial Oval Racing (NOTRA).
1995 The first 5 Sloughis are pre-qualified for lure coursing. The first Sloughis participate in a dog show near the Capitol. 
Sloughis are presented to the public attending the well known Western Sighthound Combined  Specialty Shows in Lompoc, California.
The Sloughi is a foundation breed of LGRA and 8 Sloughis launched the first sprint race of the newly founded LGRA in Utah. 
The first 2 supported entries for the breed in the Western Hemisphere are organized  by SFAA with Sue Grant,  in Toronto, Canada.
The first publication in USA about the breed, "The Sloughi," is published.
The perpetual Jaaram Nubia Memorial Cup for excellence in coursing is awarded for the first time, Amir Shi'Rayân.
The SFAA defines the conditions for the different levels of its dual Championships titles.

1996 The American Sighthound Field Association creates the miscellaneous stakes to allow rare breeds, including the Sloughi, to participate in their lure-coursing events. SFAA presents the breed at the ACoD that year.
The first Oval Racing Champion title and the first Foundation Field Champion title in lure coursing are won. 
The first American-bred Sloughis win the FCI International title, Temperament Test and Best Brace in Show.
Another brace wins the first Best Brace in Show on the American Mainland.
The first supported entry for the Sloughi in the USA is organized by SFAA with  the States Kennel Club.
The first Canadian Champion title for the breed is won. 
The first Reserve Best Veteran In Show is won.
The first Reserve Best Breeder's Group In Show is won.

1997 The first 2 litters out of all Champion parents are born. They blend Dutch, French, German and Moroccan Lines (at Shi'Rayân). 
For the first time American-bred Sloughis win the World Champion title, bitch (BOB)  and dog  (BOS), together with a Best Brace in Show at the Mondiale in Puerto  Rico . 
The first national specialty for the breed is organized by the SFAA with the States Kennel Club
SFAA becomes SKC's parent club for the breed. 
The first Sloughi bitch becomes Oval Race Champion. 
The first Reserve Best In Show Bred by Exhibitor Puppy is won. 
The first 2 Veteran Champion titles are won. 
Faced with an increased number of Sloughis showing up at shelters, bred and abandoned by  non-SFAA members, SFAA adopts the policy of tattooing or microchipping the dogs  it  registers. A new registry is developed for rescue cases adopted by SFAA members. 

1998 The SFAA celebrates its 10th anniversary
The second edition of the SFAA's book "The Sloughi" is printed. 
The first painting of Sloughis is accepted at the 12th Dog Art at the Dog Show.
SFAA organizes the first National Specialty in Canada with the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario, Woodstock July 12 

1999 SFAA organizes its National Specialty within a special event for rare breeds organized by the Western Combined Sighthound Specialty shows in Lompoc, California.Some 20 Sloughis are entered and judged by Mr. Bo Bengtson. 
The first Sloughi wins 2 back to back BIS, Faraascha Shi'Rayan with owner Jennifer Newman. 
By the end of 1999, 9 SFAA Sloughis are awarded their Foundation Coursing Ch. Titles , one of them the only Foundation Courser of Merit, by ASFA in recognition of their pioneer work in lure-coursing 
The first Sloughi finishes the Superior Gazehound Racing Ch. title in sprint racing (LGRA). 

2000 The first Sloughi becomes Supreme Oval Racing Ch. in oval racing (NOTRA) 
The website www.sloughisonline.net is created by 2 SFAA members, to make all Sloughi results in conformation and performance on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean available to a wider public.

2001 The Sloughi becomes an official breed of the American Sighthound Field Association (lure-coursing). 
The first 2 Sloughis are active in Tracking (Jinn and Latiifa Shi'Rayan of Alison Tyler and Ellen Brady); Sloughi becomes Herding Instinct Certified (ShiRayan' Iswaar at Mazoe of Ann Chamberlain); the first 2 Sloughis are Canine Good Citizens (Latiifa Shi'Rayan/Ellen Brady, Faraascha Shi'Rayan/ Jennifer Newman). 
A Sloughi captures the # 1 all breeds position in sprint racing (LGRA) Fahel Shi'Rayan/Dominique de Caprona.
The SFAA organizes its national specialty with IABCA, in Gray Summit, Missouri, with a LGRA sprint racing event for the first time under the sponsorship of SLASH (St Louis Area Sighthounds).

2002 The first Sighthound finishes the highest title ever in American Sprint Racing, of Superior Gazehound Racing Champion 4, this Sighthound is the Sloughi Fahel Shi'Rayan. Fahel also finishes the year 2002 as #1 all breeds all breeds in American Sprint Racing (LGRA) for the second time 
Another Sloughi becomes # 1 Sloughi all times in oval Racing (NOTRA) Bouthayna Shi'Rayan.
The first American standard for the Breed is established, the result of the collaboration between SFAA and the United Kennel Club , prior to the UKC Premier Shows that year. 

2003 SFAA organizes the first ever Virtual Specialty on the web, with some 25 Sloughis from 8 breeders, entered from Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the USA and Sweden. The Virtual Specialty is judged by SFAA founding members Gisela Cook-Schmidt and Jack McGuffin. This virtual specialty is presented on this website because of its highly educational value.
August 2003,  The American Sighthound Field Association  adopts the UKC Sloughi standard.

2004 The American Kennel Club welcomes the Sloughi in its Agility, Obedience and Tracking events.
SFAA provides the AKC with an extensive folder documenting the Sloughi's talent in coursing and the AKC enables the Sloughi to participate in AKC lure-coursing tests.
SFAA's member Dr.Dominique de Caprona's book "Sloughi" is published by Kennel Club Books, the only breed book about the Sloughi with original chapters by the author.
SFAA's Sloughi Ch.Fahel Shi'Rayan becomes the first Sighthound SGRC6 in the country (sprint racing, LGRA).

2005 SFAA's I'Saar Shi'Rayan finishes # 1 all breeds in Sprint Racing (LGRA), and Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan # 1 Sloughi in lure coursing (ASFA) for the second time.

2006 SFAA's Najeeba Shi'Rayan, finishes top ten in sprint racing (LGRA) and # 1 Sloughi in oval racing (NOTRA), Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan finishes # 1 Sloughi in lure-coursing for the third time. I'Saar Shi'Rayan becomes the 5th Sighthound in America to finish a Superior Gazehound Racing Champion IV title.

2007 SFAA commemorates two pioneers of the breed, Aswad and Amir Shi'Rayan, with beautiful stamps designed by SFAA member Sherry Zmuda.
SFAA's Ch. Odah Shi'Rayan, wins BOB at the ASFA International Invitational and the Bouthayna Memorial Trophy. He wins, for the first time for the breed, Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show at the IABCA shows in Hutchinson, MN, in May. 
The Virtual Specialty 2007 is judged by Canadian Jocelyne Gagne.
The Spirit of Rescue Award is given for the first time to recognize the commitment and courage of SFAA member Caroline Mathews to help many Sloughis in need in the United Kingdom.
SFAA's member Dr. Dominique de Caprona's book "The Sloughi 1852-1952" is published relating in depth the first 100 years of the breed in the Western Hemisphere. It receives highly appreciative evaluations from professionals in various countries.

2008 SFAA celebrates its 20th anniversary. For this special event SFAA members organize an auction on line to benefit SFAA's partner club el Wafae in Morocco. The auction is a resounding success and enables the Sloughis of el Wafae in Morocco to receive the veterinary products they need.
SFAA member Sherry Zmuda creates a new stylish stamp commemorating this 20th anniversary.
2009 Amal becomes the first Moroccan Sloughi with an American Racing title, and the 40th SFAA Sloughi Gazehound Racing Champion in Sprint Racing. Northland Amateur Racing Club, Minnesota, August 2009.
Ch. O'Dah Shi'Rayan becomes the 5th Sighthound Superior Gazehound Racing Champion 5 in Sprint Racing, and the second SFAA Sloughi to do so, Shi'Rayan Sloughis Amateur Racing Association,Iowa, October 2009
Ch. Najeeba Shi'Rayan becomes the first Sloughi bitch in the History of the breed to finish a Superior Gazehound Racing Champion II in American Sprint Racing, SSARA, Crescent, Iowa, November 29 

        The SFAA has also honored the work of dedicated Sighthound enthusiasts who have worked for the Sloughi with members of SFAA.  Its special  Service Award  was given in 1995 to Mr. Jack. W. Lewis, president of NOTRA & LGRA, for his support in accepting the Sloughi to participate in these non-commercial racing events, and in 1997 to Mrs. B. Rogers for judging the first Specialty for the breed. 

     SFAA members have also been active in publishing articles about the Sloughi and photographs of Sloughis in Sighthound Review, Dog World, Field Advisory News, Dogs in Review, Rare Insight and on the Web, and in providing various show circuits with very much sought after expert material for judges. To date, more than one hundred judges have evaluated SFAA Sloughis in the show ring and many have assessed their coursing ability in the field. 

ASFA: American Sighthound Field Association, LGRA: Large Gazehound Racing Association (non commercial sprint racing),  NOTRA: National Oval Track Racing Association (non commercial oval track racing) , SKC: States Kennel Club. 
SFAA: International membership, code of ethics, Constitution & Bylaws, club championships, quarterly newsletter, rescue service, reputable breeders, informative book about the breed. 


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