SFAA extends its sincerest gratitude to the many generous people whose donations help to fund our rescue efforts.
Your kindness has paid for veterinary bills, travel expenses, food and vaccinations for the Sloughis in our rescue.
We appreciate you and we thank you!

     We understand that people's lives and circumstances change.  The SFAA Rescue Committee helps rehome Sloughis whose owners can no longer keep them.  We are committed to providing an alternate solution to shelters and euthanasia.  If you can no longer keep your Sloughi, or if you know someone whose life transitions require the surrender of a beloved Sloughi,please contact SFAA Sloughi Rescue. We can help. 

     Although the Sloughi is still a very rare breed in the United States, SFAA has already been involved in several tragic rescue situations. 
In order to help protect Sloughis in need, SFAA has formalized its rescue operations. We are committed to educating prospective owners, fostering responsibility in our members as owners and breeders, and most of all, to assisting Sloughis that are homeless or in unsuitable homes. 

    SFAA prohibits individuals who are in the business of animal trade as a living from club membership. This means that any person whose livelihood depends on the sale or exploitation of animals is forbidden from becoming a member of SFAA. 

    We encourage prospective Sloughi owners to read our page on responsible breeders before purchasing a Sloughi.  SFAA is also happy to make breeder referrals.  Please see our SFAA contacts.

SFAA Rescue Guidelines  --  What to expect when you rescue a Sloughi  --  Rescue FAQ   --  Rescue Committee

Available for Adoption

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