Why do dogs end up in rescue?

Unfortunately, dogs end up in rescue for a variety of reasons: a death or divorce in the family, loss or change of employment, injury, a family member develops an allergy, or a host of other reasons beyond one's control.  Dogs also end up in rescue because people lose interest in them.  The fact of the matter is that there are far more puppies produced in this country than there are homes for them.  The sad result is that dogs become homeless.  Every Sloughi breeder needs to look carefully at how many good, permanent homes are available and committed for the Sloughis he or she produces and not fall into the habit of churning out puppies that eventually find their way into rescue. 

Don't rescue dogs have bad habits, and that is why people do not want them? 

Not necessarily.  The fact of the matter is that most of the dogs that end up in rescue do so because of the owners and their circumstances and not through the fault of the dogs.  Sometimes rescue dogs do come in with vices, such as housebreaking problems, digging, chewing, or other unpleasant habits.  SFAA works hard to correct these problems while the dog is in foster care and before it goes to its permanent home.  However, SFAA stands behind its rescue dogs for the life of the dogs.  We will be honest with you about the dogs needs, requirements, and vices, if any.  Should a problem develop after adoption, we are here to help you work through it.  Please see our link below entitled "Rescue Sloughis" for more information on what to expect when you adopt a Sloughi. 

What fees are involved in adopting or surrendering a dog to SFAA Sloughi Rescue? 

SFAA does not require a fee for surrendering a Sloughi to our rescue.  However, we are a not for profit organization, and we do welcome donations if an owner is able and willing to make one at the time of surrender. 

Sloughis are spayed or neutered, on heartworm preventative and current on their vaccinations before they are placed for adoption.  We make exceptions to our standard fees for special circumstances. 

SFAA firmly believes that breeders are responsible to the dogs they produce for the life of those dogs, therefore, it is our policy to request a donation from any breeder who produces a dog that ends up in our rescue. 

Do you always have Sloughis available?

Fortunately, we do not.  Sloughis are still a rare breed in the United States.  We have Sloughis available from time to time, but we do maintain a waiting list for interested parties.  For available Sloughis, please check our "Available for Adoption" link below. 

Is SFAA Sloughi Rescue the only Sloughi rescue organization in the United States? 

SFAA Sloughi Rescue is the only active Sloughi rescue that we are aware of.  This does not mean that other Sloughi rescue organizations do not exist or that other breed rescues do not receive and place Sloughis. 

If I adopt a Sloughi, what will I be told about the Sloughi's background? 

SFAA's policy is to be honest and frank with an adoptive owner about their new Sloughi.  We will give all medical, registration, health, training, history and temperament information that we are able to ascertain so that the new owner may be as informed as possible and that the placement will have the best possible chance of being permanent. 

If I surrender a Sloughi, will my wishes for my dog be honored after the transfer of ownership? 

SFAA makes every reasonable attempt to honor any covenants or promises made to a surrendering owner at the time of surrender, as long as it is consistent with the Sloughi's best interest.  Our goal is to assist Sloughis in need. 

What is your policy toward the breeders of Sloughis that end up in rescue? 

SFAA's standard procedure is to notify a breeder if a Sloughi of his or her breeding comes into our custody.  We will inquire about the breeder's ability to take the Sloughi back or to assist in placement.  There are circumstances under which a Sloughi will not be returned to its breeder.  However, even when we are precluded from returning a Sloughi to its breeder, we will bring it to the breeder's attention that the dog is in rescue (if the breeder is not already aware).  In either case, we do request donations from breeders whose dogs end up in rescue. 

Do you have a question that we have not answered?  Please email SFAA's National Rescue Chairpersons, Ellen Brady and George Heyl, if you need more information. 

We encourage prospective Sloughi owners to read our page on  responsible breeders  before purchasing a Sloughi.  SFAA is also happy to make breeder referrals.  Please contact for further information


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