Statement of Purpose -Déclaration d'intention en
francais et en arabe- Erklärung des Zwecks

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Association for the Support of North African Sloughis
Established September 15 of 2008


in alphabetical order

We thank all the generous people who have contributed with donations or who participated in our fundraisers.
Many do not own or have never owned a Sloughi but support this effort for the genuine North African Sloughis.
Their support enables the ASNAS projects to exist and continue.

The Sloughi Club (UK)
The Sloughi Fanciers Association of America (USA)

Kate Antolick (USA)
Jean Armstrong (UK)
Michael Atkinson (UK)
Debbie Bell (USA)
Edda Blume (USA)
Susan Bolduc (Bolduc Custom Leatherworks, USA)
Ellen Brady (USA)
Ann Calhoun (USA)

Eleanor Campbell (UK)
Mandy Carter (UK)

Pia Chaouki (Finland)
Anne-Chapman-Damms (UK
Michelle Coe (Ireland)
Kath Clark (UK)
Susan Clark (USA)
Patricia Cox (UK)
Dr. Dominique Crapon de Caprona (USA)
 Mary-Ann Dabritz ("Cast of Characters", USA)
Dr Monika Dahnke Roshanzamir (Germany)
Barrie Davies (UK)
Carol Davies (UK)
Coralie Dossel (USA)
Dr. Anne d'Ersu (France)
Margaret Emmins (UK)

Vicki Fagre-Stroetz (USA)
Lauren Foley (Ireland)
Susan Foster (UK)
Mary-Jane Fox (Ireland)
Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (USA)
Santino Georgio (France)
Barrie Godfrey (UK)
Ninon M Green (USA)
Marcus Hooker (USA)
Gabriele H
üpchen (Germany)

Sanna Kapanen (Finland)
Rowena Kelly (Ireland)
Nan Kilgore Little ("Little Works Studio", USA)
Kristina Kosmas (Germany)
Riittamaria Kukkonen (Finland)
Kerry Lawless (Ireland)
Edith Lehrman (USA)
Thomas Liedtke (Germany)
Nancy Lovelady (USA)
Karen L Lorenzo (USA)
Ulla Mäkinen (Finland)
Sanna Mäki-Jokela (Finland)
Joseph Mangelsdorf (Germany)
élène Mas-Mijnhout (Netherlands)
 Tarja Matikainen (Finland)
 Jack McGuffin (USA)
Alexandra Meakes (Silver Peacock, UK)
Dominique Michal (USA)
Valerie Minto (UK)
Jackie Nivison (Performance Sighthound Journal) (USA)
Marcia Norwell (USA)
Paivi Nurmi (Finland)
Sharon Page (UK)
Helena Paukku (Finland)
Lynn Paul (France)
Susanna Pernu (Finland)
Edward Podorsek (USA)
Liz Porteous (UK)
Mel Relf (UK)
Lydie Remels (Belgium)
Sally Robertson (USA)
Dawn Ross (USA)
Michaela Schilling (Germany)
Els Siebel (Netherlands)
Lisa Smith (UK)
Allondra Stevens (USA)
Eileen Sullivan (USA)

Gayle Sutton (USA)
Anja Schwarzat (Germany)

Elisabeth Thomas (France)
Claudia Uhink (Germany)
Noora Vilén (Finland)
Rod and Gill White (UK) - in loving memory of Troy
Gill Williams (UK)
Anke Zeldenrust (Netherlands)

Updated February 9 2017

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