Pictured below are a very few of the top winning conformation champions in the USA and overseas which are owned and or bred by SFAA members, which exemplify the various coat colors.


Multi BIS, BISS, BVIS all time top winning conformation Champion in the USA
FCI & SKC & IABCA International, Puerto Rican, Latin America, ARBA
IABCA Super Veteran Ch. Aswad Shi'Rayan, ORC, SGRC, FCC, TT

© Schlenkrich
German Ch. Wasima Schuru-esch-Schams, Germany
FCI World Winner Oval Racing, Switzerland 1998

© Puomila
Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, FCI International
Ch. Of Golden West Haddam, Finland

© Nurmi
Finnish, Estonian , Swedish &FCI international
Ch. Syringa Heritage  #1 Sloughi in Finland 2001

© Lauer
Multi champion Aljana Sheik el Arab, Germany

© de Caprona
multi BIG, UKC Champion Jaah Shi'Rayan, USA

© de Caprona
FCI, IABCA International, Puerto Rican, Latin American
World Winner dog 1997
Batal Shi'Rayan, ORC, GRC

© Laminger
FCI International, Austrian, Slovakian and Tschekian
Ch. Asad Schuru-esch-Schams
Vice European Winner oval racing 1997, Vice World Winner oval racing 1998

© Puomila
FCI International, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish Ch Hulkah Shi'Rayan, Finland

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