The Sloughi Fanciers Association of America (SFAA) celebrated its third National Specialty Show in Lompoc, California, on July 28, 1999.  The event was organized in a cooperative effort with the Western Sighthound Combined Specialties for a five day extravaganza that began on Wednesday with four rare breed parent clubs holding their national specialty shows: the American Azawakh Association, the American Chart Polski Club, the Cirneco dell'Etna Club of America, and the Sloughi Fanciers Association of America.  The cluster culminated with two all breed AKC shows held on Saturday and Sunday. 
    Lompoc is a small town located on the California coast, just a few hours north of Los Angeles.   Its main industry is the farming of cut flowers for florists nationwide, lending beautiful scenery to the fantastic weather.  Many exhibitors and their dogs enjoyed time at the beach during the week. 

    SFAA's National Specialty this year broke last year's record for the largest number of Sloughis ever to attend a single event in Americas.  We are especially proud to have had respected sighthound judge, Bo Bengston judge our show.  Mr. Bengston expertly chose winners from four different countries at this year's event!  Sloughis from the United States, France, Germany, and Tunisia all took home blue ribbons to their very proud owners. 

    SFAA made a change to the classes offered at the 1999 Specialty.  Consistent with our committment to promoting both the form and the function of the Sloughi, we offered classes for both conformation champions, and dual champions.  First place winners in all specials classes competed with Winners Dog and Winners Bitch for the coveted Best of Breed.  Competition was very intense, with almost all of the top winning Sloughis in the Americas in attendance. 

    In addition to the fantastic atmosphere and the magnificent Sloughis, new friendships were forged and old ones strengthened over pizza and wine on the chilly California nights at the show grounds.  SFAA warmly welcomes all new members and members-to-be who came out to support our event.  Dr. Bernd Fritzsch (whose specialty is genetics) shared some of his vast knowledge on the Canine Genome Project, and genetics in the Sloughi.  Dr. Dominique Crapon de Caprona shared wonderful stories and photos of her recent Sloughi-buying trip to Tunisia.  And, of course, the Board of Directors made plans for next year's National Specialty. 

    SFAA once again thanks its fantastic members and supporters for helping us to make this event such a fun and successful event!  To Judge Bo Bengtson, and Official Show Photographer, Warren Cook, we extend our warmest gratitude for your professionalism and expertise. 

Of Chart Polski

©  Linda Mulczynski (head shot) and Warren Cook 1999
Winners: IABCA Int'l CH, SKC Int'l CH, ARBA CH Elzbieta's Iskra, CGC - "Iskra" - BOB  & IABCA Int'l CH Elzbieta's Talizman - "Tazi" - BOS
Head shot of "Iskra"

 Cirneco dell' Etna 

© Warren Cook and ?
Winners:   BOB Cirneco dell'Etna Top Dog in Italy 2000, Int'l and Italian, World Champion Diva and BOS  - Giltedged Galahad Seta del Oro "Ol'ta". 
Head shot: Cy'Era Perla "Ceci".

and Azawakh 



BISS Fa'iq Shi'Rayan  and BOS Hayifa Shi'Rayan ©  Warren Cook

Reserve Winners dog and Best African-bred in Show Tarfa ~ Best Brace for the third time, Chs Aswad and A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan, handled by Erika Chen
© Warren Cook

Best Brood Bitch Chamisa Schuru-esch-Schams (handled by Jodi Lewis) and sons Fahel & Fa'iq Shi'Rayan
© Warren Cook

Best Stud Ch. Aswad Shi'Rayan  (handled by Erika Chen) with sons Fa'iq and Batal Shi'Rayan
© Warren Cook

Best Veteran Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille
© Warren Cook\

Complete results

Judge: Bo Bengtson

Puppy 9-12 months: Winners Dog Haadi Shi'Rayan
R-Winners dog Tarfa
3rd Haalik Shi'Rayan
Bred by exhibitor class dogs: Ghali Shi'Rayan
Dual champion Class dogs : Ch.Aswad Shi'Rayan, ORC, GRC, SFAA F.Ch.
2nd Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayan, JOR, GRC, SFAA F.Ch.
Champion Class dogs: BISS Ch. Fa'iq Shi'Rayan
Ch. Batal Shi'Rayan
Ch.Bassel Shi'Rayan

Puppy Class bitches 3-6 months: Rym Cassandra
Puppy Class Bitches 9-12 months: Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, BOS Hayifa Shi'Rayan
R-Winners Bitch Hannan Shi'Rayan
Bred by Exhibitor Class bitches : El Haalima Shi'Rayan
Open Class bitches: Ramla
Dual champion Class Bitches:Ch Bouthayna Shi'Rayan, JOR, SFAA F.Ch.
Ch. A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan, ORC, GRC, SFAA F.Ch
Champion Class Bitches: Ch. Chamisa Schuru esch Schams
Ch Dounia Shi'Rayan

Non regular classes

Veteran Class bitches: Best Veteran Ch Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille
Reserve ChFarissa Fediha Kahloul de la Treille

African-bred Class: Best African bred Tarfa
R-Best African bred Ramla
3rd Rym Cassandra

Stud Class: Best Stud Ch.Aswad Shi'Rayan with sons Ch.Batal and Ch. Fa'iq Shi'Rayan
Ch Bassel with daughters Hannan and Hayifa Shi'Rayan

 Brood bitch Class: Best Brood Bitch Ch. Chamisa Schuru esch Schams with sons Ch. Fahel and Ch. Fa'iq Shi'Rayan
Ch. Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille with son Ch.Aswad and daughter Ch. A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan

Brace Class: Best Brace Chs. Aswad and A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan
Chs Batal and Bouthayna Shi'Rayan
Ch. Fa'iq and El Haalima Shi'Rayan


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