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High Achievers 2013

SSARA LGRA race meet, December 1 2013
Sameer Shi'Rayan picks up the last points to achieve the 120 National points required for a
Superior Gazehound Racing Champion 4

He is the 4th Sloughi to do so. His father O'Dah Shi'Rayan, SGRC5 did it before him
and so did his grandfather Fahel Shi'Rayan, SGRC6
Owner/Breeder: Dr.Dominique de Caprona

V'Jada Shi'Rayan
New UKC Champion

Owner: Kathleen True, USA
Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona

Bensekrane's Rsassa at Shi'Rayan, GRC
The Amir Trophy 2013
 Winner of the NOTRA Nationals in Colorado, September 29 2013

Owner: Drs.Dominique de Caprona & Bernd Fritzsch
Abdelmouhamene Fidjel (Algeria)

  Elegantin Laavatomu, GRC
NOTRA Nationals Best Veteran
Breeder:Tarja Matikainen (Finland)
Owner: Dr. Dominique de Caprona

Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC 3
Winner of the LGRA Nationals in Colorado, September 28 2013

Owner/Breeder: Dr.Dominique de Caprona

Ch. BIS Phareeda Shi'Rayan, ORC, GRC
LGRA Nationals Best of Veteran

Owner Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona

Ulfah Shi'Rayan, GRC
NOTRA Nationals Second

LGRA Nationals Second and Best of Opposite Sex

Owner/Breeder: Dr.Dominique de Caprona

V'Fa'Iz Shi'Rayan
wins the event and takes the certificate (CC)

Lure Coursing competition
in Krånge, Sollefteå, Sweden, July 13-14

Owner: Ingela Naslund (Tillieville, Sweden)
Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona

V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan

Excellent1, VDH, CAC, best female, Landessieger Nord/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and BOB,  Hoisdorf May 18
confirmed as being recommended for breeding in Germany by the DWZRV (German Sighthound Club)

Excellent 1, VDH, Best female, BOB, Goehlsdorf, May 4-5
and 102 points in her first coursing event, placing second
She is awarded the Beauty and Performance award that weekend

Excellent 1, VDH, CAC, Best female, BOB, Wismar, April 27 !!
Excellent 1, VDH, R-CAC, Großenaspe, April 2013
is also certified for lure-coursing in Germany

Congratulations to Claudia Uhink (handler)
to owners Claudia and Christian Uhink and Cora Nurnberger , Germany
Breeder Dr. Dominique de Caprona, USA

# 2 All Breeds in American Amateur Sprint Racing 2012 (LGRA)
Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC 3

Owner/Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona, USA

   V'Atiya Shi'Rayan
# 1 Sloughi within the United kennel Club 2012
New UKC Champion

Congratulations to owner Gayle Sutton
Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona, USA

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