Sloughi Fanciers Association of America

Testimonials from lure-operators and judges about SFAA Sloughis
submitted by SFAA with Sloughi information for the recognition of the breed by
the American Sighthound Field Association

First picture of Sloughis coursing in the USA 1996
SFAA's Ch.Dounia Shi'Rayan, JOR
Ch.Bouthayna Shi'Rayan, GRC, SORC, FCM (ASFA's Hall of Fame)

I have both judged and run the lure for Sloughis since they were accepted by ASFA as a Miscellaneous breed.
Obvious sighthounds both in form and in function, they have a running style that is distinctive.
They are very keen on the lure, and exhibit an efficient compromise between speed and agility on the course.
Sloughis possess  "...the natural beauty, grace, speed and coursing skill of the sighthound"
that the ASFA is committed to preserving, and I think that there is no question that both the breed and the ASFA would benefit from their recognition.
Russ Jacobs, ASFA Judge and lure operator

I have had the honor of judging Sloughis since their acceptance into the ASFA's Miscellaneous Class. 
There has never been any doubt in my mind that these sighthounds should receive full recognition by the ASFA. 
They are unmistakable as sighthounds in their physical appearance, as well as their running style. 
They are keen pursuers of the lure, agile, and possess great speed. 
They will make a fine and honorable addition to the ASFA's family of recognized sighthounds.
Susan Weinkein, ASFA Judge

For the last several years, I have had the opportunity to witness, and judge, a number of Sloughis in the field in the Midwest.
Watching these sighthounds run, any coursing enthusiast can not help but be impressed with their spirit for the chase,
 their keen feel for the terrain, and the huge heart they give to the pursuit.
These fine sighthounds belong on the field with all others and deserve to be a full participant in the sport of lure coursing.
Frank Zaworski, ASFA judge

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to operate the lure for a number of Sloughis in competition. 
Their exceptional speed, agility, and endurance is matched only by their enthusiasm for the chase. 
It has also been my pleasure, on occasion, to be afforded the opportunity to handle the Sloughis at trials,
 which has helped me achieve a greater understanding of this magnificent breed. 
The entire coursing community would benefit greatly from the inclusion of the Sloughi breed within ASFA.
Mike Ferris, ASFA lure operator.

Since 1995 it's been my pleasure to watch and operate the lure for quite a number of Sloughis. 
Their love of the chase is beautifully exhibited in their speed, agility, intensity, and stamina. 
Their running style is one of a true hunter, working as a team to capture their prey.
The Sloughi's grace and beauty are unmistakably that of a sighthound that the ASFA should welcome with open arms. 
Kent Standerford, ASFA lure operator


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