The Virtual Specialty is something new for SFAA.
Because of the Club's enthusiasm for our own National Specialty, we decided it might also be fun to have a Virtual Specialty, something new for 2003.
 The Virtual Specialty is open to all Sloughis owned or bred by members of SFAA or the Sloughi List.

We thank our judges for taking on the difficult task of judging this outstanding group of Sloughis,
and thus providing for a highly educational project.
Thank you exhibitors for your support!

SFAA's Virtual Specialty represents the largest Sloughi specialty ever held by an organization in the Western Hemisphere.
This year's entry included twenty-five Sloughis, bred in six different countries, living in five different countries, and bred by eight different breeders. 
Breeders represented:
 Intissar (Schirmer,Italy), Mahanajim (Schlenkrich, Germany),  Rais Siyada (Angignard,France), Sheik el Arab (Lauer,Germany), 
Shi'Rayan (de Caprona,USA), Schuru-esch-Schams (Schritt,Germany), Syringa (Hildorsson,Sweden), Tunisia.
Sloughis living in the following countries: Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden, England, USA

Judge (adult Sloughis):  Jack McGuffin
Judge (puppies):  Gisela Cook-Schmidt

Read about our judges here
 Judge McGuffin's General Comments on Judging the Sloughi


Ch. Hayifa Shi'Rayan © Dominique de Caprona 2002 ~ Bashira Sheik el Arab © Helene Duncan 2002

Jaah Shi'Rayan © Dominique de Caprona 2002 ~  Ch. Bouthayna Shi'Rayan © Dominique de Caprona 2002

Best in Virtual Specialty Show: Ch. Hayifa Shi'Rayân, GRC, ORC (de Caprona, USA)
Winners Dog, Best Of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex: Jaah Shi'Rayân (de Caprona, USA)
Winners Bitch: Bashira Sheik el Arab (Duncan, Netherlands)
Best Veteran: Ch. Bouthayna Shi'Rayan, GRC, SORC, FCM (de Caprona, USA) 

Negma Shi'Rayan © Michal Dubrovsky 2002 ~ Shi'Rayan's Nayyir at Mazoe © Ann Chamberlain 2002

Farah Shi'Rayan © Alan Segal 2002 

Best Puppy In Show: Negma Shi'Rayan (Dubrovsky, USA)
Best of Opposite Sex Puppy : Shi'Rayân's Nayyir at Mazoe (Chamberlain/de Caprona, USA)
Best Altered: Farah Shi'Rayan (Segal, USA)


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