Champion Gallery

We are proud to show you some of our champion Sloughis.  Shi'Rayân believes strongly in the total dog. 
Therefore, health, temperament, conformation, and function are all important factors in our breeding program. 
We test our Sloughis in the conformation ring and on the coursing field before they are bred.  Please take a look at some of our champions. 
This list is not complete, however, and we will be updating this gallery as time permits.

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Chs. A'Ssissa, Dalal and Balsam Shi'Rayan. © Dominique de Caprona & Kent Standerford

The Top Winning and Top Producing Sloughi Dog
The Top Producing Sloughi Bitch
The Top Winning Sloughi Bitch
BIS Brace Ch. Aswad and Ch. A'Ssissa
BIS Brace Ch. Batal and Ch. Bouthayna
BIS Brace Ch. Fa'iq and Ch. Dounia
Racing Ch. Amal, SGRC, JOR new
Racing Coursing Ch. Amir Shi'Rayân, SORC, FC, GRC  born 04.05.1993
Ch. A'Ssissa Shi'Rayân, FCC, ORC, SGRC, TT  born 04.05.1993
BISS BIS Ch. Aswad Shi'Rayân, FCC, ORC, SGRC, TT   born 04.05.1993
Ch. Badia Shi'Rayân  born 10.09.1994
Ch. Badir Shi'Rayân, FCC, GRC, ORC  born 10.09.1994
Racing Ch. Bahlawaan Sheik el Arab, GRC born 05.11.2001
Ch. Balsam Shi'Rayân, FCC, ORC, GRC  born 10.09.1994
Ch. Bassel Shi'Rayân, GRC, ORC  born 10.09.1994
Ch. Batal Shi'Rayân, GRC, ORC   born 10.09.1994
Ch. Bi-na Mahanajim, GRC  born 06.15.2002
Ch. Bouthayna Shi'Rayân, FCM, SORC, GRC   born 10.09.1994
Ch. Chamisa Schuru-esch-Schams, FCC, ORC, GRC  born 12.08.1993
Ch. Dalal Shi'Rayân, GRC born 10.13.1994
Ch. Deeb Shi'Rayân  born 10.13.1994
Ch. Dounia Shi'Rayân  born 10.13.1994
Ch. Elegantin Laavatomu, GRC, JOR born 10.02.2006 
Ch. El Emin Schuru-esch-Schams   born 03.09.1994
Ch. Fahad Shi'Rayân, FCC, ORC, GRC  born 01.01.1997
BISS Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayân, FCC, SORC, SGRC6, F.Ch.  born 01.01.1997
BISS Ch. Fa'iq Shi'Rayân, ORC, GRC  born 01.01.1997
BIS Ch. Faraasha Shi'Rayân  born 01.01.1997
Ch. Farissa Fediha Kahloul de la Treille 09.22.1990
Ch. Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille 10.04.1990
Ch. Filfil Shi'Rayânborn 01.01.1997
BISS Ch. Ghali Shi'Rayân  born 01.17.1997
Ch. Ghada Shi'Rayân  born 01.17.1997
Racing Ch. Ghamira Shi'Rayan, GRC  born 01.17.1997
Ch. Hulkah Shi'Rayân born 08.27.1998
Ch. Hannan Shi'Rayân, GRC  born 08.27.1998
Ch. Hayifa Shi'Rayân, SGRC, ORC, F.Ch.  born 08.27.1998
Racing Ch. Haadi Shi'Rayân, GRC, ORC  born 08.27.1998
BISS Shi'Rayân's Ibriiz at Mystic Ridge born 01.05.2000
Ch. Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayân,GRC, F.Ch  born 01.05.2000
Ch. Isaar Shi'Rayân, ORC, SGRC4  born 01.05.2000
BISS Shi'Rayân's Iswaar at Mazoe  born 01.05.2000
Ch. Jaraa Shi'Rayân  born 11.02.2000
Ch. Jaah Shi'Rayân,GRC  born 11.02.2000
Ch. Latiifa Shi'Rayan  born 02.25.2001
Ch. Laza Shi'Rayan, GRC  born 02.25.2001
Ch. Mathal Shi'Rayan, GRC  born 10.10.2001
Ch. Mujiir Shi'Rayan, GRC   born 10.10.2001
Racing Ch. Munya Shi'Rayan, SGRC, F.Ch born 10.10.2001
Ch. Shi'Rayân's Nayyir at Mazoe  born 07.12 2002
Ch. Najeeb Storm Shi'Rayân, GRC  born 07.12 2002
Ch. Najeeba Shi'Rayan, SGRC2, SOR   born 07.12 2002
Racing Ch. Nibal Shi'Rayan, SGRC2  born 07.12 2002
Ch.O'Dah Shi'Rayan, SGRC5, ORC,F.Ch. born June 1 2004 new F.Ch
Ch Omayma Shi'Rayan, GRC  born June 1 2004
Racing Ch.Omneya Shi'Rayan, SGRC,JOR born June 1 2004
Ch. Phareeda Shi'Rayan, GRC, JOR, ORC born July 2006 new ORC
Racing Ch. Qhalila Shi'Rayan, GRC, JOR born September 13 2006
Ch. Rabah Shi'Rayan,GRC  born July 8 2007 
Racing Coursing Junior Ch. Rym Cassandra, GRC, F.Ch  born 03.05.1999_
Ch.Syringa Happiness at Shi'Rayân, ORC, SGRC born 05.15.1999
Racing Ch.Saber Shi'Rayan,GRC born 09.30.2007
Racing Ch.Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC3 born 09.30.2007 new SGRC3
Racing Ch.Suhaymah Shi'Rayan, GRC born 09.30.2007
Finnish Coursing Ch. Sabih Shi'Rayan, DMV 2010, CVM 2011born 09.30.2007
Ch.Shi'Rayan's Tamima at McHan born 02.01.2010
Ch. V'Atiya Shi'Rayan born 07.22.2011 new

Jinn Shi 'Rayân
Latiif Shi' Rayân
Ma'Muun Shi 'Rayân
Mujiid "Reyhan" Shi'Rayan
Shi'Rayân Mukkahal Jaaram 
Negma Shi'Rayan
Oqdah Shi'Rayan
Qhalida Shi'Rayan
Qhaleel Shi'Rayan
Qismah Shi'Rayan

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