Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille
Our foundation bitch

April 4 1993

The first litter under the Shi'Rayân prefix was born in Omaha, Nebraska
Aswad, Amir, A'Ssissa and Amira Shi'Rayân

At the time, never, in our wildest dreams, could we have anticipated that Aswad, Amir and A'ssissa would set such milestones for their breed in the USA.
Dogs of this kind are far between and we are extremely fortunate that they have shared many years of our lives.
They are the quintessence of what Shi'Rayân aims to breed, and are behind most of the pedigrees of Shi'Rayân Sloughis today.

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Amir    Shi'Rayan                                                         Aswad Shi'Rayan

A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan

All Photos copyright Dominique de Caprona