When we moved to the USA in Fall of 1990, there were hardly any Sloughis in this country.
 Most of the Sloughis in America at the time had never competed in any venue, 
there was no champion breeding stock to get dogs from.
For this reason, and to preserve some of the well established European lines we knew of, 
we went ahead and acquired over the years dogs from various breeders, in the USA, Europe and Africa, 
in an attempt to get as wide a selection of bloodlines and coat colors as possible in this small population of dogs.

Our aim was not just propagating Sloughis. 
Our approach was based on the conservation of certain bloodlines, and breeding the best dogs we could.
We did not have the luxury to breed only from top dogs. At the time, those were in Europe. 
However, there are also good genes in dogs that are not necessarily top quality, 
and bred with the right partners, we managed to keep the good and correct the not so good.
So this was the rationale behind the choices we made.

Fehda Fayrouz Kahloul de la Treille © de Caprona 1992

      Fehda was a charismatic and charming brindle bitch who was from the Kahloul de la Treille well established French lines bred for many years by Mrs Elyse Rhode-Goudineau. This kennel no longer exists, but these bloodlines were based on dogs imported mainly from Algeria and Morocco. Icare d'Ymauville was one of her foundation males, this was the kennel from which Dominique got her first Sloughi in 1962. see  Shi'Rayan and D'Ymauville
      Fehda started racing in the USA late in her life but was keen on the lure. She was so fast when she was young, she could turn on a dime and catch birds in flight. She finished her American IABCA International Championship and Veteran Championship, and won Best Veteran at the SFAA National specialty in Lompoc, California, 1999.
      We had  first intended to breed her to the last remaining dog of a breeding Dominique did in Europe, Noam, but when she was ready the male was to old and we lost that lineage. So we looked for another male and found German bred Damir el Tahiri (bred by Mr.H.Wandel, owned by Moreau). Although he himself never achieved anything in dog events, he descended from German racing/show lines not related to Fehda, and enabled an outcross we wanted to have. 
      Fehda gave us the A Shi'Rayan litter with 4 puppies, 3 of which established important milestones for the breed in America in racing, coursing and conformation. These dogs were Aswad, Amir and their sister A'Ssissa.
      Unfortunately Damir brought with him the PRA gene, and we worked very hard to develop a test with Optigen in this country to genotype our breeding stock for this genetic degenerative disease of the retina. We corrected this serious problem, and with this test available, no Shi'Rayan puppy will ever have Progressive Retinal Atrophy.
      Fehda died at the age of 9 years of hypothermia, the result of negligent post-surgical care at the Veterinary Clinic, following routine spay surgery.

Farissa Fediha Kahloul de la Treille © de Caprona 1992

      Energetic and bouncy Farissa was, like Fehda, from the French Kahloul de la Treille lines. Although she also started late in life with the sport she chased the lure with enthusiasm. She was the poster girl in an article about the Sloughi in Sighthound Review (March-April 1993) written by Dominique de Caprona. 
      She finished her IABCA International and Veteran Championship titles, and won Best Brood bitch at the SFAA specialty in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.
      Bred to Rif de Moreau, whose faults she compensated, she gave us the D Shi'Rayan litter.
      Farissa  was 11 1/2 years old when she died of cancer.

Estrella de Moreau playing with a rope © de Caprona 1993 

      Sweet and gentle Estrella's pedigree is directly Kahloul de la Treille. She came to join Shi'Rayan at the age of 1 year. Although her conformation left to be desired (straight hocks), she had a coat color we wanted to preserve: the deep red black brindle. This color was the same as a foundation bitch of the Kahloul lines, Isa Dora, in the 1970s. Isa Dora was a daughter of Icare D'Ymauville.
      Estrella never won any titles in her life, nor did she show any interest in chasing the lure.
      However, bred to our best show and performance dog at the time, Aswad Shi'Rayan, who compensated what she lacked, she gave us the B Shi'Rayan  litter, in which several dogs are champions and top performance dogs.
      Enjoying the tender loving care at Shi'Rayan (a fortune spent on infected ears she came with) she turned 14 years old in May 2006. She died one month later of cancer.

Rif de Moreau © de Caprona 1993

      Rif's pedigree was Kahloul de la Treille on his sire's side, and his dam Richa was an import from Algeria, chosen there by Mrs. Elyze Rhode-Goudineau. It is for this reason that we purchased this dog - to add a recent African bloodline to what we already had. This puppy almost died of a serious kidney infection he came with.
      Rif was keen on the lure but, because of weak front pasterns, would hurt himself when running. For this reason we could neither show him nor take him to performance events, and he spent a leisurely life being the boss at home on his favorite pillow or in the fields of the Shi'Rayan property with his friends.
      Bred to Farissa Fediha Khaloul de la Treille, who had strong front pasterns, he gaves us the D Shi'Rayan litter.
      Rif was 12 years 7 months old when he died in his sleep.

Chamisa Schuru-esch-Schams still going strong at 11 1/2 years of age © de Caprona 2005

      Nicknamed " the Tail wagging the dog",  spunky and full of herself, Chamisa brought for us one of the best German racing lines through her dam Umaia Schuru-esch-Schams and country of origin Moroccan blood through her sire G'Zel Ouled Laouichat.
      A conformation ARBA Champion, Chamisa was a highly motivated and agile coursing bitch and is one of the Foundation Coursing Champions in ASFA. Her antics and jumps on the field were an absolute delight to watch. She was also an excellent very consistent racer, whether on the straight or the oval track.
      Bred to our top racing and conformation dog at the time, Aswad Shi'Rayan, she whelped the F Shi'Rayan litter of top conformation and racing/coursing dogs, which included the # 1 Sighthound all years combined in sprint racing BISS International and Veteran Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayan, SORC, FCC, F.Ch., SGRC6
      Chamisa was one month short of her 12th birthday when she died of kidney failure.

El Emin Schuru-esch-Schams © de Caprona 1996 

      People friendly and easy going El Emin came to join the Shi'Rayan clan bringing with him some good German racing line on his dam's side of the pedigree and an additionnal line of Dutch breeding on his sire's side, again to enrich our Sloughi gene pool.
      He won the very first Best puppy in Show on the continent in Canada. He was the inspiration behind the story "Flying with a Sloughi" by Bernd Fritzsch, published in Sighthound Review 1994 (July-August).
      El Emin did not like lure coursing after hitting a pulley with one foot during practice - he remembered this all his life -and preferred to enjoy an easy life at Shi'Rayan, dreaming and being cuddled.
      El Emin, bred to our wonderful bitch A'Ssissa Shi'Rayan, gave us the G Shi'Rayan litter.
      He turned 13 years old in March 2007. El Emin died of cancer at the age of 13 1/2 years.

      To further broaden the Sloughi gene pool we are working with, in 1999 imported 3 Sloughis from North Africa directly, the bitches: Rym Cassandra, GRC, F.Ch. and Ramla, and the dog Tarfa, GRC.
      We imported also 2 German Sloughis who themselves are outcrosses to African breeding: Bahlawaan Sheik el Arab, GRC, F.Ch. (half Tunisian/half German racing/show line) and Bi-na Mahanajim, GRC (half Libyan, 1/4 German/1/4 Dutch lines) and a bitch from Sweden Ch.Syringa Happiness at Shi'Rayan, ORC, SGRC (combining our Ch.Ghali Shi'Rayan with a Finnish breeding).
       In 2008, Q'Taya from Tunisia, Amal and Rouah from Morocco joined Shi'Rayan.
      You can see more of them under Africans  and Champions

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