BISS Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayan finishes the year 2004 
as # 1 Sloughi in ASFA, NOTRA and LGRA
a few days before his 8th birthday!


3 weeks before his 8th birthday 
Ch.Fahel Shi'Rayan manages to finish the first ever 
Superior Gazehound Racing Champion VI
in the history of American Sprint Racing (LGRA)
winning 2 entries of 8 Sloughis
at the StLouis Area Sighthounds LGRA meet in Gray Summit, Missouri, 
December 4-5 2004

LGRA and NOTRA Nationals 
Boswell, Oklahoma, October 30-31
8 Sloughis starting from boxes

LGRA Nationals 
Fun match, Champion Class: 1rst, Ch. Mathal Shi'Rayan
Legends race (10 years and older)
1. Aswad Shi'Rayan, SGRC, ORC, FCC, TT
2 Amir Shi'Rayan, SORC, GRC, FCC
High Score & High Score Veteran: Fahel Shi'Rayan, SGRC5, SORC, FCC
High Score BOS: Syringa Happiness at Shi'Rayan, GRC, ORC

NOTRA Nationals
High Score & High Score Veteran, 
Amir Trophy: Fahel Shi'Rayan, SGRC5, SORC, FCC
High score BOS: Najeeba Shi'Rayan 

Dominique's book entitled 

The Sloughi
a Comprehensive Owner's guide
Published by  Kennel Club Books , ISBN 1593783957

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July 10
Bakhtawar Sheik el Arab  (Tarfa X Aljana Sheik el Arab)
becomes the second of her litter to win the Dual Champion title 
for Beauty and Performance in Germany.

© Patricia Lauer 2001

ASFA 27th International Invitational, June 5-6 Indianola, Iowa
BOB both days
BISS IABCA International Ch. Fahel Shi'Rayan, SORC, SGRC5,FCC

© Shot on Site 2004

June 1 
Our "O" litter is born
5 girls, 2 boys
with the first 4 black mantel puppies born at Shi'Rayan!!
A most international pedigree
blending well established American, Dutch, French, German, Swiss bloodlines
with recent imported lines from Libya, Tunisia and Algeria

For photos click here

Bakhta Baha´an Sheik el Arab (Tarfa X Aljana Sheik el Arab)
becomes the first of her litter to win the Dual Champion title 
for Beauty and Performance in Germany (May 22).

© Lauer 2004

Triathlon of the Coursing Club Nienoord Leek, May 22-23 (Holland)
60 starters of various breeds
2 steeple chase coursing of 1000 meters & 250 meters with various obstacles
and 800 meters oval racing
For the first time in Holland the overall winner of the day is a Sloughi, Bahkta's sister
Bashira Sheik el Arab also nicknamed the "Flying Sloughi"

© Els Siebel 2004

Congratulations to owners Iris Zuszek, Helene Duncan and breeder Patricia Lauer !

Mathal ("Malik") and Laza Shi'Rayan win
at the Federacion Canofila de Puerto Rico clusters of shows in San Juan May 6-9
becoming thus FCI International, Latin American and Puerto Rican Champions. 
Malik wins all 4 BOB, and entered in 3 Group competitions, wins 3 times Group 2

"The NOTRA Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new series of awards
for the NOTRA Other Breed National Race Meet. 
The High Score Racer in each breed will be awarded a perpetual trophy named 
in honor of a racer whose NOTRA record is exemplary...." 

Amir Shi'Rayan is the first Supreme Oval Racer for the breed Sloughi
 see his achievements here

NOTRA= National Oval Track Racing Association (American Amateur Oval Racing)

!! TARFA is grandfather !!

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