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Our Sloughis at home

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being cuddled, sprawling in the grass and watching puppies ! © de Caprona
Balsam watching..always © de Caprona
Dounia, el Haalima, Farissa Fediha ~ Aswad and Fehda Fayrouz ~ Aswad and Bassel © de Caprona
Batal & co ~ Badir & Fahel ~ El Haalima, El Sindiid, Bassel and Ghali © de Caprona
A'SSissa and Amir ~ Jennifer and Amir ~ Jennifer and Bassel ~ Fehda Fayrouz © de Caprona
Kathleen with Dalal, Batal, Bassel, Dounia and el Emin © de Caprona
Amir and Aswad ~ Aswad and ball © de Caprona
La'eb, Bahlawaan chewing wood, and Laza © de Caprona
Bi-Na and Naooma ~ Bahlawaan and Badir ~ Jaah, Laza and Bahlawaan, onlookers: El Haalima, I'Saar, Tarfa © de Caprona
Rym Cassandra, Ghali, Ghamira, Bi-na and Rif © de Caprona
a morning stroll in the field © de Caprona 2005
© de Caprona 2005

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