The Sloughis we breed and their successes in various venues 
seem to have inspired others to photograph them
and use that success to illustrate their own websites and breed literature. 
Although we understand this fascination with our dogs and appreciate the compliment,
while indeed cherishing them dearly ourselves,
we can't really be responsible in any way for statements made on other websites
or the marketing or quality of other dogs promoted by these photos and/or successes 
without our consent. 
Nevertheless, photos of the following Shi'Rayan dogs might also be appreciated currently 
either on the Ocerico website or in the (ASLA) brochure "The Sloughi"!:

FCI International BIS,BISS Ch. Aswad Shi'Rayan, GRC, ORC, FCC, TT
FCI International Champion WW97 Batal Shi'Rayan, ORC, GRC
IABCA International BISS Champion Fahel Shi'Rayan, SORC, FCC, SGRC5
IABCA International  BISS Champion Ghali Shi'Rayan
IABCA International Ch.Dounia Shi'Rayan, JOR
Canadian Champion FilFil Shi'Rayan
Tunisian Import, Ramla

... and we still gladly share our dogs with those who ask also! 

Latest news

Pictures of our dogs, and their pedigrees are presented in the gallery of
The American Sloughi Association
in spite fo the fact that we are not members of that Association, 
and of course have never been asked whether we agree to this or not.

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We are not affiliated in any way with either Moreau-Sipiere International Kennels 
or Ocerico kennel (owner Walsh)


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