Disclaimer: I have written these two books about the "North African Sloughis"
 the sighthounds of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya

These books are not about crossbreds between North African Sloughis and Salukis from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and other places in the Middle East
I bear no responsibility for the use of one or the other of these 2 books to advertize such crossbreds
Dr. Dominique Crapon de Caprona

Dominique's second book  2007


The first descriptions, the first portraits
Sloughi in the Arts, Literature, Paintings, Sculptures
Sloughi Legends
The First breeders in the Netherlands, Germany and France
Sloughis in the Countries of Origin
Sloughis in Racing and Coursing
Sloughi and Other Huntings breeds.
The First Standards in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

100s of illustrations, photos and engravings
Fabulous 19th century artwork in color
Texts from France, Germany and the United Kingdom 
Original standards and their translations in English.

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 This book is being very well received and is already
in Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Morocco,
Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom 
and the United States of America.


Dominique's first book entitled 

The Sloughi
a Comprehensive Owner's guide
Published by  Kennel Club Books , ISBN 1593783957

A general introduction to the breed

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