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I'Saar Shi'Rayan wins the Nubia Memorial Cup 2005
given to the #1 performance Sloughi each year
and the K'Lar award 2005 given to the # 1 Sighthound in Sprint Racing

December 12 2005

Bahlawaan Sheik el Arab wins BOB at the SLASH ASFA trial in Gray Summit Missouri
 and finishes thus in grand style his Field Champion title 
the fifth for the breed since recognition of the breed by ASFA
the first time for a Sloughi male imported to the USA

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Beshir, 4 years old, is still looking for a new home. For details please contact
 Patricia Lauer

October 15 2005
I'Saar Shi'Rayan becomes the second Sloughi and 10th Sighthound SGRC3
in Sprint Racing

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September 3 2005
 Oqdah Shi'Rayan, owned and handled by Brigitte Noack wins
Excellent 1, her first CAC, her first CACIB and her first BOB
in Luxemburg under French judge Christian Leneuv !

June 25-26 Gray Summit, Missouri
Mathal Shi'Rayan wins BOB, BOG and Best Bred By in Group, 
Najeeba Shi'Rayan wins 2 BOB, Group 3 and Best Bred by in Group 
Both finish their IABCA International Champion title with each 3 excellent 1

Bahlawaan Sheik el Arab becomes 31rst Gazehound Racing Champion in Sprint Racing.
He is thus the 30th Gazehound Racing Champion
trained and finished to his title by Shi'Rayan

Mujiir Shi'Rayan becomes IABCA International Champion (May 22)
wins 3 times Best Bred By Exhibitor in Group
Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 (Hounds)

Oqdah Shi'Rayan , handled by owner Brigitte Noack, becomes Junior Champion of Luxemburg, 
and wins Best Bitch, and Best of Opposite Sex at age 11 months!

Bakhta Baha´an  Sheik el Arab
(daughter of Tarfa and Aljana Sheik el Arab)

April 3, I'Saar Shi'Rayan becomes the second Sloughi 
Superior Gazehound Racing Champion 2
in Sprint Racing!!

First Sprint Racing weekend where Sloughis are entered this year
3 Sloughis finish their Gazehound Racing Champion title in Sprint Racing
Ibtsama Haifa Shi'Rayan, Mathal Shi'Rayan and Bi-na Mahanajim!!

For the first time, a dog from another hunting breed joins the Shi'Rayan clan.
Dominique's mother's French Gascony Pointer "Bouncy"
bounces around with the Sloughis ......


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