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Check out the Preserving the Sloughi website for new updates
New genetic study involving the Sloughi
in Sloughi World

November 15 2010
The Association for the Support of North African Sloughis'
2010 Fundraiser, auction and calendar sale, has ended. 
A heartfelt Thank You to all who have so generously contributed
and in thus doing enabled ASNAS's projects to continue for the next 2 years.
 Read more about ASNAS here

Final year Standings in American Racing 2010

# 1 Sloughi, # 6 all breeds in Sprint Racing: Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC
# 1 Sloughi in Oval Racing, # 12 all breeds in Sprint Racing: Amal, GRC, ORC

The Nubia Memorial Cup 2010
SFAA's Trophy for the # 1 Sloughi in all performance events combined
goes to Moroccan Amal 
who under tense competition managed to come out on top, 
defeating 111 entries in NOTRA oval racing, LGRA straight racing and ASFA Lure-Coursing.

SSARA Sprint racing meets, December 4-5
Sameer Shi'Rayan wins both days and finishes 
the 13th Superior Gazehound Racing Champion title for the breed

Sameer © de Caprona

SSARA Thanksgiving Sprint Racing meets
Friday November 26, 11 Sloughi starters
1. Sameer Shi'Rayan 2. Suhaymah Shi'Rayan 3. Saber Shi'Rayan 4. Amal
Saturday November 27, 11 Sloughi starters
1. Sameer Shi'Rayan 2.Suhaymah Shi'Rayan 3. Amal 4. Najeeba Shi'Rayan
Sunday November 28, 11 Sloughi starters
1. Sameer Shi'Rayan 2. Amal 3. Saber Shi'Rayan 4. Suhaymah Shi'Rayan

New Gazehound Racing Champion on Saturday : Rabah Shi'Rayan (43rd for the breed)

French Gascony Pointer
Olivette du Mas des Currossets
"Bouncy" turns 12 years old

Bouncy still going strong © de Caprona

Nebraska Coursing Association Coursing trials November 6-7

Suhaymah coursing © Joe Stewart 2009
Region V Invitational November 6:  Best of Breed Suhaymah Shi'Rayan, GRC
NCA Trial November 7: Best of Breed Saber Shi'Rayan, GRC

SSARA, LGRA Sprint Racing, October 16-17
October 16: Moroccan Amal wins an entry of 11 Sloughis
October 17: Sameer Shi'Rayan wins an entry of 11 Racing Champion Sloughis

Congratulations to Bi-Na Mahanajim, SGRC 
who becomes 12th Sloughi Superior Gazehound Racing Champion!
and to little rocket Moroccan Amal who wins 2 large entries of Sloughis (8 and 11)
SSARA October 9-10, LGRA Sprint Racing

Bi-Na Mahanajim practicing Coursing © Big Paw Prints

©  Mangelsdorf

A project 6 years in the making!
September 3 
A big welcome to lovely
Bensekrane's Rsassa at Shi'Rayan
and handsome
Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan

and a big heartfelt thank you to the people of Bensekrane in Algeria
for such a generous present
and to Joseph Mangelsdorf for all the help
in making this dream come true

Rsassa and Saff September 4 ©  de Caprona

Saff and Rsassa playing September 5 © de Caprona

Rsassa and Saff playing in high grass, September 5 ©  de Caprona

Bensekrane's Rsassa and Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan, September 5-7 ©  de Caprona

More photos here of
 Rsassa and  Saff

Sisters Ch. Hayifa, ORC, SGRC, F.Ch, and Ch. Hannan Shi'Rayan, GRC 
were born August 27 1998.
They just celebrated their 12th birthday!

©  de Caprona

A wonderful achievement for our Moroccan Sloughia Amal
who becomes Oval Racing Champion
and wins both oval racing events that weekend
NARC, Ramsey, Minnesota, August 21-22
We are very happy for Tarja Matikainen, kennel Elegantin in Finland,
she has a wonderful litter of 8 puppies born August 10
5 girls 3 boys
by Sabih Shi'Rayan and Elegantin Lehtikulta (our Laavatomu's sister)
see pictures here

©  de Caprona
2 IABCA shows, July 17, StLouis Missouri
A great show day for Phareeda Shi'Rayan and handler Dr. Bernd Fritzsch
They win in 2 shows
2 Best in Hound Group. 
2 Best bred by Exhibitor in Hound Group
2 Best bred by Exhibitor in Show
and 1 Reserve Best in Show!!!
(Phareeda is half African through her dam Rym Cassandra, GRC, F.Ch.
and has more recent African blood through her sire 
multi Ch. BIS O'Dah Shi'Rayan, SGRC5, ORC )
The first Best Bred By Exhibitor in Show for a Sloughi bitch in the USA,
her dad O'Dah Shi'Rayan had won the first for the breed Sloughi

Congratulations to Sabih Shi'Rayan and owner Ulla Mäkinen
for winning the Finnish Derby Championship 2010

©  KC's Snaps
Moroccan Amal wins BOB and the Bouthayna Memorial Trophy at 
ASFA's International Invitational, Lawrence, Kansas ( # 1 event in American lure coursing)
(No sloughis entered on Saturday)

Moroccan Amal wins two back to back Oval Racing events in Minnesota, May 8-9
with entries of 8 Sloughis each

Saber Shi'Rayan becomes 42nd Gazehound Racing Champion
SSARA April 18

Sameer Shi'Rayan becomes 41st Gazehound Racing Champion winning an entry of 11 Sloughis
Nibal becomes the 5th Sloughi Superior Gazehound Racing Champion II
SSARA Sprint Racing March 27
Our "T" Litter is born February 1 2010

5 big puppies
4 boys (2 sand black mask, 1 sand brindle black mask, 1 sand/brindle/black mantle/black mask)
1 girl sand/brindle/black mantle/black mask
See the parents and pictures here
The first time at Shi'Rayan that we have puppies in the color sand/brindle/black mantle/black mask!

3 Shi'Rayan Sloughis celebrate in January 2010 their 13 th birthday
Sisters  Ghada Shi'Rayan

Ghada with her 2 favorite toys ©  Noack 2010
and Ghalia Shi'Rayan

© Edda Blume 2010
Fa'Iq Shi'Rayan

Fa'iq Shi'Rayan © de Caprona 2009

a stray cat who sought shelter under the loghome last winter by -20F
took a year to be tamed.
He was caught the day prior to another snow storm with temperatures sinking into the -30 F
This affectionate Tomcat has now joined our household after a visit to the veterinarian.

© Joe Stewart, 2009
The Nubia Memorial Cup winner 2009

Ch. O'Dah Shi'Rayan, ORC, SGRC5
tied with Amal for # 1 Sloughi in NOTRA Oval Racing 2009
# 1 Sloughi in LGRA Sprint Racing and # 6 all breeds in LGRA 2009

Amal coursing in Kansas
© Joe Stewart 2009

Amal, GRC 
# 1 Sloughi in ASFA lure Coursing 2009
Tied with Ch.Odah Shi'Rayan for # 1 in NOTRA Oval Racing 2009

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